Turbo Max

      Add Turbo feature to your regular controller with the Turbo Max Gamepack for Titan One. You can set buttons on Turbo mode to FAST, MEDIUM or SLOW speeds. Ideal for shoot-em-ups and other button mashing games.
Instructions for Turbo Max Gamepack
Compatible Titan One firmware: 1.31+
Compatible Controllers: All Supported Controller
Compatible Systems: All Supported System

  Gamepack Operation

Quick Enable/Disable TURBO MOD:
Player LED 1: Controller in regular mode, all TURBO MOD are disabled.
Player LED 4: TURBO MOD is enabled, check configuration section below to activate/deactivate turbo mode on individual buttons.

  Gamepack Configuration

To enter in configuration mode:
PS3: Hold SELECT+START for 2 seconds to enter in configuration mode.
XBOX 360: Hold BACK+START for 2 seconds to enter in configuration mode.
Important: Always keep the SELECT (or BACK) button pressed while in configuration mode. To exit the configuration mode, release the SELECT (or BACK) button.
Assign turbo feature to a button:
Make sure your are in configuration mode. Press any button to configure turbo feature for that specific button, the LED 4 will blink once to indicate a button has been recognized. Press the same button again to circle between the turbo modes available, the LED 3 will blink the current mode assigned to that button:
  • 1 blink   = Slow speed turbo mode
  • 2 blinks = Medium speed turbo mode
  • 3 blinks = Fast speed turbo mode
  • 0 blink   = Turbo mode disabled
Dualshock 3 Users: Some Bluetooth dongle are not compatible with Titan One Gamepack LED blinking, causing all LEDs be off or have inconsistent blinking. The solution is try another Bluetooth dongle or use the USB cable to configure the Gamepack.