New Titan One and Gtuner PRO Update

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Today we’re excited to announce updates to Titan One firmware and Gtuner Pro software that extend the capabilities and potential of the Titan One device and reinforce our commitment of continuous support our products.


In particular, the updates brings full support for the Xbox One Elite controller, including total access to the paddles via scripting; the compatibility with the Xbox One App for streaming play on Windows 10; and the ability of use the Arduino Leonardo with Mojo, which greatly increases the range of products for disabled gamers that can be used with the Titan One on all compatible consoles (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, etc).

Titan One Updates (v2.35):
  • Support for Xbox One Elite controller (maintaining TE2 Fightstick compatibility)
  • Full scripting support for the Xbox One Elite paddles
  • Added support for Arduino (Leonardo/Mojo) Joystick HID Interface
  • Added Xbox APP compatibility for Xbox One streaming on Windows 10
  • GPC VM: Added irand function (pseudo random number generator)
  • API: Added PS4 Touchpad control via Titan One device API
  • USB Host: Improvements on the Configuration Descriptor parser
  • Wiimote: Fix interactive PS4 keyboard with Wiimote + IR
  • Fix control the PS4 Touchpad with GPC script not working with all controllers
Gtuner Updates (v3.40):
  • GPC Compiler: Support for Xbox One Elite Pads (XB1_P1, XB1_P2, XB1_P3, XB1_P4)
  • Device Monitor: Xbox One Elite Pads input and output fields
  • GPC Compiler: New function: irand (Titan One exclusive)
  • Gamepack Configuration Interface: Added slider control
  • GPC Editor: Focus on Tabs control with mouse middle click, to scroll change the active script
  • GPC Editor: Fix tab scroll change order after rearrange tab position
  • GPC Editor: Ability to create custom default scripts on File menu -> New
  • Fix: Environment info being cleaned when restoring last session
  • Programmer Panel: Select/Deselect all memory slots using middle or right mouse button
  • Documentation new revision (New Gamepacks, New GPC functions, Xbox One Elite controller, etc)

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