Why Titan One, why Ti-tan One?!?


Seinfeld reference aside, you may be asking yourself why do I need this Titan One device I keep hearing about? Let’s take a few moments and look at some of the possible answers.

I have a day job!

So you come home from a long day’s work and you like to sit back, relax and spend some quality time with your favorite console game. Let’s say for instance that game is Battlefield 4. You join an online match and almost instantly, you die. This scenario repeats itself over and over again until at some point you give up or take your game offline. You quickly realize you are outmatched when playing online against those half your age. Why is this? Because you have a day job! These kids you are playing against do not, and therefore they have the ability to practice while you are at work being yelled at. The Titan One is your answer. You simply load the Titan One with the Battlefield 4 GamePack and plug in the device to your console. Then you have access to an endless amount of “helpers” that can get you back into the game. You can turn your trusty revolver into an automatic weapon. You can enable dropshot, so when you pull the trigger it drops you to the floor and fires off a shot at your enemy, and so on. With tons of these “helpers” at your disposal, you no longer have to fear these unemployed mini people.

Jab with the right, punch with the left!

You happen to be one of the few blessed people on this planet with a preference to your left hand. In other words you are left handed. Wouldn’t it be nice if more things in life were designed to be used by southpaws? Well as you already know your game controller is not one of those things. Until now. The Titan One allows you to reconfigure the thumbsticks, dpad, buttons and more on your game controller to suit your lefty requirements. Now you can finally feel comfortable using your controller. And feeling comfortable means you will enjoy your games that much more!

First Person Shooters were meant to be played with a Keyboard and Mouse!

So you are like me, you grew up in the 90’s and first person shooters were always played on the PC. You’ve spent years perfecting your strife and now all in the sudden you are expected to learn how to use a tiny thumb stick instead? Psst, the Titan One can take care of this problem too. With the Titan One and your laptop or PC you can once again enjoy these same First Person Shooters the way you remember. Why do I need a PC? To configure the Keyboard and Mouse, of course. Sure there are adapters out there that don’t use a PC as an interface, but these all suffer from Lag and Dead Zones. What that means is, you won’t like them. By utilizing the processing power of your PC (or laptop) you gain full control over your Mouse so Dead Zones are a thing of the past. The fact of the matter is these “one trick pony” keyboard and mouse adapters that don’t use a PC, simply do not have the processing power to get the commands to your console quickly enough, henceforth the lag. The Titan One takes care of this by utilizing the processors you’ve already paid for to help lighten the load. So take back your First Person Shooters and kick some butt the way you used to!

Finish Him!

The last good reason (in this article) to own a Titan One takes me back to the glory days of fighting games. Spending countless hours in front of the TV challenging all comers to a game of Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter. Back in the early days it was simply a lot of button mashing, 2 button combos with some elegant timing thrown in for good measure. These days it’s all about the combos. Have you seen some of these combos? Do you know what it takes to pull them off? If you’ve ever glanced at the instruction manual of one of the modern fighting games you quickly realize that some of these combos or finishing moves are darn near impossible to pull off. Again, you have a day job. So instead of practicing for hours on end to learn and memorize these wouldn’t it be great if you could program them into your controller and pull them off quickly with a simple button press? That is the beauty of using Macros and is one of the many features the Titan One supports. You can create your own and use them however you wish. This is not limited to just fighting games, it works in any game where a series of button presses are needed to perform an action.


So there you have it, 4 solid reasons to own a Titan One and that’s just the one’s I could easily fit into one article. There are a lot more features waiting for you and new features being added daily. And did I mention you can have all this for less than the price of a new game? Just $59.95 and nearly all your problems are solved. Ok, not all your problems, but for 60 bucks this knocks out quite a few of them. So what are you waiting for?!