Gtuner IV

GtunerIV IconGtuner IV is the main software for programming, updating and configuring the Titan Two device. For developers, Gtuner IV features a complete IDE with integrated compiler for the GPC2 scripting language, debugging facilities, input translator creator, binary macro editor and built-in publishing interface. For regular users, Gtuner IV provides an intuitive graphical interface to search, download and configure read-to-use Gamepacks, Modpacks, Community Scripts, Keyboard/Mouse Configurations (Input Translator) and Binary Macros.

GtunerIV Multi-Platform
Gtuner IV is a multi-platform software with support for high resolution monitors and localization.

The Titan Two device and Gtuner IV software are together a very powerful tool designed for beginners and advanced users.

GtunerIV Online ResourcesFree Downloadable Contents

Download free Gamepacks, Modpacks, Scripts, Input Translators, Macro Files, Keyboard/Mouse Configurations and more with a simple drag-and-drop. An intuitive graphical interface is available to customized Gamepacks, Modpacks and Scripts for your needs.

GtunerIV Online ResourcesScript Development IDE

Create, debug and publish your own scripts with a fully featured development IDE. The GPC2 scripting language gives you full control over the Titan Two device and connected gaming devices.

GtunerIV Online ResourcesDevice Monitor and Debugging

Monitor and plot the inputs and output of the connected gaming devices. This feature can be used during gaming sessions to not only help debugging your scripts, but also for real time feedback and performance verification.

GtunerIV Input TranslatorInput Translator Interface

Intuitive and flexible interface to create controller remappings, keyboard mapping and mouse sensitivity configuration. Input Translators can be loaded along with Gamepacks or Scripts, and configured to apply only on specific controller(s) connected to the Titan Two.

GtunerIV Macro EditorMacros Capture and Editor

Create, capture and edit binary macro files with precision of 1 milli-second. Macro files are predefined sequence of commands that can be played back by the Titan Two any time.