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Grand Theft Auto 5 Gamepack!

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The Grand Theft Auto 5 GamePack for Titan One features Auto Aim, Auto Arm Wrestling, Auto Jog and Sprint, Turbo Melee, Rapidfire, Secondary Rapidfire and Anti-Recoil.

A GamePack gives you the functionality of a fully modded controller without the need to install chips or solder wires. Just load a GamePack into your device and you are ready to go. This innovative new technology isn’t available anywhere else on the market. With a full selection of MODS at your fingertips, the Titan One device are perfect for the gamer looking to add an extra edge to their game.

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer with Titan One and Gamepacks!

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Facebook Contest Submission by HardcoreGamer

Featuring the Titan One with Battlefield 4 Gamepack enabled playing online multiplayer against real opponents.

Titan One unleashes the power of your video game controller. The crossover feature allows you use your favorite controller on Xbox One*, PS3, Xbox 360* and PC. It also convert your controller into a fully modded controller without installing any chip or wires. Fully compatible with Gtuner software and with GPC script language, enabling you download or develop scripts that will give the edge to master any game. You can also use a keyboard and mouse on your video games console thru the MaxAim plugin. Compatible with PS4**, XBox One*, PS3, XBox 360* and PC.

Modified Controllers Meet Their Match!

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So you’ve decided that you need a little help with your favorite game(s) and have decided a rapid fire modded controller is the way to go. For many gamers this has been the standard solution to their gaming woes for years, but with the Titan One that is no longer the case.! ! Rapid fire modified controllers appeal to gamers because of their added functionality. Adding a rapid fire mod chip allows for features (or mods) such as: Rapid Fire, Drop Shot, Jump Shot, Aim Assist, Easy Sprint, and more.

The Problem


The problem is the high cost of these controllers when they are modded prior to sale. Typically ranging from $150-300 per controller and are usually coupled with short or nonexistent warranties. And if the controller fails you are left with a controller that’s no longer usable and is essentially a paperweight unless you can fix the problem yourself or find somebody to fix it for you.

Then there is the problem of your pre-modded controller becoming obsolete. Once you buy a modified controller you are “locked-in” to the features it had when you made your purchase. What happens when a new game comes out and you want to use the same cool features (or mods) for it? You either have to pray some of the mods on your controller magically work or go out and buy a new controller with support for the new game. Creating a new rapid fire feature (or mod) can take weeks even for the best engineers. So you are left with no support and have to wait to plunk down another $150-300 for your next modified controller.

“There must be an easier way.”

In a perfect world there would be another way to get these same features on your game controller without dealing with the hassles involved in actually modifying your controller. A device that allows you to reprogram it with the latest features (or mods) so that your controller is never obsolete.

“Say Hello to my little friend!”


The Titan One is an adapter that plugs into your console and then gets the signal from your controller and modifies it to give you the features (or mods) you are after. You get the same features of a modded controller plus a lot more. And the Titan One will never be obsolete because a new game is released. You simply download the new GamePack and within seconds you have all the features (or mods) available for that game at your fingertips.

The best part is there is NO MODDING REQUIRED. Just plug it in and you are set to go. With the latest firmware for the Titan One they’ve even enabled Bluetooth Authentication for the Playstation 4 console. This means you do not need to use your DualShock 4 controller with a USB cable to get all these great features, it’s all wireless. Just buy any Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter and pair it with your controller.

What if the controller breaks?

In the case of modded controllers this is a big cause for concern. It can be downright frustrating trying to get your controller fixed or repaired. In the end, many opt to buy a new controller and forget using these features they paid extra for in the first place. With the Titan One this is not a problem. Just buy another controller and you are done. You again have access to all these great features and don’t have to worry about repairing your broken controller. Or you can take your Titan One to a friends house and use it there, it does not care whose controller is connected. It just works!

What other features does it support?

So what else can this Titan One do? Quite a lot. It is actually a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to controllers. Too many to list, quite frankly. You also get access to Macro Support, Keyboard and Mouse Support, Easy to Use Scripting Language, Cross Over Gaming and so much more. Each feature can use an article of it’s own to explain them properly in the manner they deserve.

All of this awesomeness is available now for the price of $59.95 (USD). It’s available for purchase now. For the price of a new game you can add all these cool features to your controller and end all your gaming woes. Considering the $100-300 rapid fire modified controllers typically sell for the Titan One is a steal.

Do yourself a favor and find out more about this amazing little device that single handedly made rapid fire modded controllers obsolete!

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