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Combo Magick Plugin Update 1.85 – Touchpad!

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Version 1.85 adds PS4 Touchpad capturing.


The Combo Magick plugin automates the creation of combo sequences by reading the controller inputs and converting this data into GPC code. The code optimization is focused in minimize the code size, but ensuring that all events are reproduced faithfully. The algorithm automatically identifies the beginning and end of the sequence of commands executed in the controller. You can include (or exclude) the data from accelerometers.

Now also think of the potential here – let’s say you have a modded controller from a company that says their Jitter mod is one of a kind and impossible to copy and no one else has it. With Combo Magick you can record it and convert to an editable GPC script in seconds!

Gtuner Pro 3.20 Released! Visual Scripting – GPC Blocks.

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For the first time those who are not well suited to writing code can finally create their own custom MODs and features for their controllers using a visual interface. By dragging and dropping GPC Blocks on to a blank canvas, the user can create simple and complex modifications visually without writing a single line of code. This code can also be tested and programmed on to one of the 9 Titan One memory slots for use in-game with the click of a button. For a complete changelog, please visit the download page.

Contest: Win a Destiny PS4 bundle and a Titan One!

Nearly $600 worth of gaming goodness


ConsoleTuner has partnered with our friends at Destructoid to bring you another awesome contest! Up for grabs this time is the white PlayStation 4 Destiny bundle and a Titan One cross-compatibility device. Sweet!

For those who aren’t familiar, the Titan One has a cool feature that allows you to plug one console’s controller into another console and actually have it work. So for the contest, we want you to show us what controller you’d like to plug into another console! Wanna play an Xbox One with an NES controller? A Dreamcast with an iPad? Feel free to get as silly as you want.

To enter, either take a photo of your fantasy controller/console combo (use tape for extra laughs) or use an image editing program to mock one up and post it in the Destructoid comments. Limit one entry per person, and the contest is open to anyone in the world!* You have until Sunday, November 30 at 11:59pm Pacific to enter.

Good luck, and have fun! Note: The Titan One supports PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, and PS4.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare PRE-LAUNCH Gamepack

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Anticipating the launch of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, we are releasing the pre-launch Gamepack for this game, based on the CoD Ghosts Special Tactics. As soon the game releases, the final version of the CoD Advanced Warfare Gamepack will be specially tweaked and updated. Your feedback is very welcome! Please let us know how this Gamepack performs on the game and what we can do to make it perfect!

A GamePack gives you the functionality of a fully modded controller without the need to install chips or solder wires. Just load a GamePack into your device and you are ready to go. This innovative new technology isn’t available anywhere else on the market. With a full selection of MODS at your fingertips, the Titan One device are perfect for the gamer looking to add an extra edge to their game.

Gtuner Pro 3.15 and Titan One FW 2.08!

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We are happy to announce the release of a new version of Gtuner Pro 3.15 and of Titan One firmware 2.08, featuring the Tournament Edition Firmware and the PS4 partial crossover support. For a complete changelog, please visit the download page.

Titan One Tournament Edition


Our Tournament Edition firmware may qualify your Titan One to be used at many official gaming tournaments. It disables all features that give users an unfair advantage, such as, Scripts, Macros and GamePacks. Cross-Over Controller Support and Button Remapping are the only features available on this Tournament and Competition ready firmware.

PlayStation 4 Partial Crossover Support


With the PS4 partial crossover support you can use any controller on PS4. It forces the Titan One to auto-reconnect on PS4 every 10 minutes, resetting the PS4 authentication timeout and making the PS4 crossover feature possible. The reconnection procedure takes less than one second.

Upcoming Gtuner PRO 3.20, Visual Scripting – GPC Blocks

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ConsoleTuner is about to release a Gtuner PRO 3.20, featuring a completely visual scripting language, that lets you build GPC Scripts without typing a single character.

This new programming environment provides a more accessible introduction to coding. GPC Blocks allows users to create and run GPC Scripts, MODs and customized GamePacks by arranging blocks with a simple click, drag and drop.

This project is our effort to bring programming skills to everyone.