Titan One Downloads

Gtuner Pro

Gtuner Pro is the main software for programming, updating and configuring your device. It gives you access to everything from a IDE for GPC Script Development, GPC Script Sharing, GamePacks, Button Remapping, Macro/Combo Capturing, Plugins and so on.

Version 3.70
Release Date 18 December 2020
File Size: 33.5 MB
Device Compatibility Titan One and GamepadProxy devices
System Compatibility Win10, Win8, Win7, Vista, WinXP


* Device Options: Added options related with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X support
* Device Monitor: Added device input labels for PlayStation 5 (input and output)
* Device Monitor: Added device input labels for Xbox Series X|S (input and output)
* GPC Compiler: Added GPC designators related to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S

2017-09-27, Ver 3.60
* Firmware update: increased timeout for programming mode detection
* Fix wrong current directory on Windows 10
* GPC Compiler: Added directives for Nintendo Switch and Switch Pro controller
* Device Monitor: Added references for Nintendo Switch and Switch Pro controller
* Device Options: Added Nintendo Switch on the output protocol list
* Documentation: Fix information about the operation associativity {GitHub#2}
* GPC Compiler: New function check_slot(slot_no) {GitHub#4}
* Documentation: Updated with the new features and improvements of this update

2016-08-25, Ver 3.50
* Added "PS4 Remote Play" option in the device output protocol settings
* Added ability to save and run gamepack/script configurations on-the-fly
* Added retractable File Explorer to the Compiler panel
* Added option to automatically pair the PS4 controller with Titan One (Bluetooth)
* Added sub-folder listing in the custom default scripts of File menu -> New
* Latest News panel removed (due lack of regular updates)
* Added developer message box on Online Library interface for eventual communications
* Documentation update (File Explorer, On-the-Fly, PS4 Auto Pair, Gamepacks, etc)
* MaxRemapper: Fix, deadzone adjustments are now evaluated only after sensitivity adjustments
* Combo Magick: Added circular buffer option. Constant capture of the last 20s

2016-01-25, Ver 3.42
* Configuration Interface for scripts (SPVARS)
* GPC Compiler: Added increment (++) and decrement (--) operations
* GPC Compiler: Added generic HID input designators
* Device Monitor: Generic HID controller

2015-12-10, Ver 3.40
* GPC Compiler: Support for Xbox One Elite Pads (XB1_P1, XB1_P2, XB1_P3, XB1_P4)
* Device Monitor: Xbox One Elite Pads input and output fields
* GPC Compiler: New function: irand (Titan One exclusive)
* Gamepack Configuration Interface: Added slider control
* GPC Editor: Focus on Tabs control with mouse middle click, to scroll change the active script
* GPC Editor: Fix tab scroll change order after rearrange tab position
* GPC Editor: Ability to create custom default scripts on File menu -> New
* Fix: Environment info being cleaned when restoring last session
* Programmer Panel: Select/Deselect all memory slots using middle or right mouse button
* Documentation new revision (New Gamepacks, New GPC functions, Xbox One Elite controller, etc)

2015-07-27, Ver 3.35
* Fix startup tab not working if "Remember last session" is enabled
* GPC new function: Added ps4_set_touchpad function
* GPC Editor: Close shortcuts (Ctrl+W and Ctrl+Shit+W)
* GPC Editor: Change active script with mouse wheel (tab control must have focus)

2015-05-22, Ver 3.30
* New Option: Remember current session for next launch
* GPC Editor: Added 'Save All and Exit' (Ctrl+Shift+S)
* GPC Editor: Added Auto indentation on new line
* GPC Editor: Added Code folding (code block collapsing)
* GPC Editor: Added Highlight the current line
* GPC Editor: Added Brace matching highlight
* GPC Editor: Added Long line indicator
* GPC Editor: Added Auto completion box
* GPC Editor: Added 'Wordwrap' and 'Show all characters' toolbar options
* Visual Scripting: Minimum required IE version reduced to 9 (Windows Vista)
* Programmer: GPC Files Area - Double clicking now open the GPC file on Compiler
* Options: Button to easy access configuration instructions
* Options: Auto configuration wizard (factory default and predefined configurations)
* GPC new function: Added output_protocol function

2015-01-10, Ver 3.25
* GPC: New functions: ps4_authtimeout, output_reconnection, get_ctrlbutton (Titan One exclusive)
* New option to automatically turn off idle controller (Titan One exclusive)
* Documentation updates (Gamepacks, Turn off idle option and New GPC functions)

2014-11-03, Ver 3.20
* New Feature: Visual Scripting Panel and GPC Blocks
* Documentation updates (Covering new Gamepacks and Visual Scripting Interface)

2014-10-25, Ver 3.15
* Fix: The reported flash size on Firmware Programmer window
* Online Library: Script thumbs up/down voting
* Online Library: Side banner removed (Latest News replaces it)
* Fix: Always show the Compiler editor upon creation/generation of new GPC scripts
* The 'Program Device' command in Compiler Panel now also includes the script name (Titan One required)
* Optimizations on 'Sync Memory Slots' operation (Thread Safe)
* Fix: Updating GUI controls when a modal window is open
* Added Titan One Tournament Edition support
* New Titan One Option: Enable PS4 partial crossover support (auto reconnect every 10 min)
* Documentation updates (Fixes, PS4 partial crossover support, TE firmware and new GamePacks)

2014-08-25, Ver 3.10
* Fix: Occasional error 'Can not wait for thread' after download update
* Fix: Downloader thread sometimes reports wrong content size
* Device Monitor: XBox One left and right triggers rumble values (Titan One required)
* Fix: Occasional crash when disconnecting the device when Device Monitor is open
* Fix: Device Monitor. Check if the status report is valid before update UI fields
* Extended plugin API for LEDs and Rumble control (Titan One exclusive)
* Titan One Options: Dualshock 4 light bar brightness configuration (Titan One exclusive)
* Device Monitor: Display text information of the loaded slot (Titan One required)
* General Options: Open GamePack configuration after Drag-and-Drop
* Fix: UI controls not in the correct state at launch when Programmer is the default panel
* Programmer Panel: Left click on Serial Number automatically copy it to the clipboard
* Programmer Panel: Sync local memory slots with the device's slots data (Titan One required)
* Gtuner Pro executable not packed anymore (no more anti-virus FALSE positives)
* Documentation updates (covering all new features and GamePacks)

2014-07-28, Ver 3.06
* GPC Compiler: Fix issue where some control keywords could be declared as variable
* Titan One Backlight: New option - Strict Controller Player LEDs
* Stability Improvements: Plugin Application Interface
* Documentation updates (Destiny GamePack, MaxAim DI)

2014-07-09, Ver 3.05
* Addition: Latest News Panel
* Load on demand: Online Library and Latest News
* New Option: Display text labels on toolbar
* Fix: Gamepacks list rarely does not load
* GPC Editor: Added 'replace' and 'replace all' operations
* Fix: GPC Editor - Finding direction
* Documentation updates (covering all new features)

2014-07-02, Ver 3.01
* Correction: Message type when the device has RECOVERY firmware
* Fix: Bad word-wrap text on Firmware Update wizard
* Fix: Minor memory leak while dragging and drop objects into memory slots
* Fix: UI elements position in very wide screens
* Security improvements

2014-07-01, Ver 3.00 **
* MAJOR CHANGE**: Added support for Titan One Devices (2508:0003)
* Netcode: updates to comply with new server data structure
* Fix: Device Program Button grayed with device connected
* Online Library UI update
* Programmer Panel UI update
* Firmware recovery mode data check
* Fix: hidden list areas in programmer panel at start-up (occasionally)
* Extended Plugin/Direct API (for Titan One specific plugins)
* More misspelling fixes
* Documentation updates (Gtuner section, Device Options, GamePacks, etc)

2014-04-07, Ver 2.25
* Fix: Recall window position and size in multiple monitor environment
* Support for firmware version 1.55+
* IP protection improvements
* Some misspelling fixes

2014-03-21, Ver 2.20
* Added support for Playstation 4 console
* Plugin Manager: Install/Update OS privilege escalation (does not need run as admin anymore)
* Device Options: Automatic output protocol now also includes PS4 and XB1
* Documentation updates (Usage Overview, PS4 Support, Device Options, Limitations, etc)

2014-03-19, Ver 2.18
* Device Monitor: Fix PS4_TOUCH background color
* Device Options: Added "G8 Alternate" option to slot switch remote control
* Force run-time locale to 'C': minimal ANSI conforming environment
* Some run-time parameters are shown in compiler output panel at initialization
* Links to official home page changed to www.consoletuner.com
* Online library and Publish Script pointing to the new server

2014-02-24, Ver 2.17
* Device Options: Rumble flow control now also has effect on DS4 controllers
* Added enable/disable device speed up settings
* Fix: Memory Leak
* Improvements on threads management
* GPC: Added function 'get_battery'
* Documentation updates

2014-01-14, Ver 2.16
* All references to ModPack were changed to GamePack

2014-01-12, Ver 2.15
* Added ModPack configuration interface
* Stop the Online Library Banner to reload it self every 60s
* Documentation updates (ModPack Cfg, CoD:Ghosts, MaxAim:Finding game deadzone)

2013-12-21, Ver 2.10
* Plugin Manager: Fix locale conversions on version check (decimal separator dot/comma)
* Firmware Update: Recovery mode (enable re-flash the firmware after an updating fail)
* Documentation updates (Firmware Recovery, DS4 Wireless, CoD:Ghosts ModPack)

2013-12-09, Ver 2.08
* GPC: Added support for XB1 rumbling triggers (RUMBLE_RT, RUMBLE_LT)
* Added support for XBox One console
* Added DS3 BT rumble flow control+ (plus) option
* Plugin Manager: Background color (green: installed, red: need update)
* Documentation updates

2013-12-04, Ver 2.07
* Added support for Xbox One controller (wired mode)
* Documentation updates

2013-11-19, Ver 2.06
* Create a folder in user space if the installation folder has no writing permission
* Requires administrator privileges to update Gtuner
* Documentation updates

2013-11-11, Ver 2.05
* Added support for Dualshock 4
* GPC: Added function 'ps4_touchpad' and the constants PS4T_P1, PS4T_P1X, PS4T_P1Y,
PS4T_P2, PS4T_P2X, PS4T_P2Y to read the PS4 touchpad extra information

2013-10-30, Ver 2.04
* Fix: Downloader threads concurrency

2013-10-26, Ver 2.03
* Build-in documentation completed

2013-10-20, Ver 2.02
* Some miss speling fixes
* Monitor: Doubled data report samples
* Monitor: Doubled plot area resolution
* Fix startup avaliable plugins listing

2013-10-11, Ver 2.01
* Additions on build-in documentation

2013-08-08, Ver 2.00 **
* GPC Fix: Bit functions was not recognizing a function argument as variable
* Check write permission in Gtuner.exe folder, if denied the cfg is saved in user's folder
* Plugin API: Added "Create Script" operation, used by Remapper plugin
* Plugin API: Added "Compile Script" operation, used by Remapper plugin
* Options: Selection of initial page
* Minor improviments on Online Library Panel/Engine
* Added Plugins Open/Close keyboard sortcuts
* Improviments on software and firmware updating procedures
* Plugin API: Added "Get main HWND" operation
* Plugin Manager **
* Compiler output panel is now resizable
* Programmer Panel (to manage Scripts, Remappings and ModPacks)
* Added build-in help file

2013-02-12, Ver 1.22
* Added more advanced rumble over bluetooth options

Ver 1.21
* Fix small bug in downloader thread routine

Ver 1.20
* GPC: Added "data" segment structure
* GPC: Added functions to access "data" segment: dchar, dbyte, dword

Ver 1.16
* Compiler menu option to export GPC Bytecode
* GPC: Added functions get_slot and load_slot (load_script deprecated)
* GPC: Added bit operations: set_bit, clear_bit, test_bit, set_bits, get_bits
* GPC: Added special persistent variables - SPVAR_1 ~ SPVAR_16 (private per slot)

Ver 1.15
* GPC: Added persistent variables (PVAR_1, ..., PVAR_16)
* GPC: Added functions get_pvar and set_pvar to access the persistent variables
* GPC: Added functions set_ledx and get_ledx
* GPC: Added rest of division (%) operator
* GPC: Added user defined 'functions'
* GPC: Added functions get_console and get_controller
* GPC: Added logical XOR operator (^^)
* GPC: Added 'array' type
* GPC Compiler: Report stack memory usage
* GPC Compiler: Code optimization on GPC variables initialization
* Non continuous bytecodes storage into devide's slots
* Fix minor bug on new update releases checking
* Added support for the GPP family devices

Ver 1.14
* GPP Monitor: Now remembers the last selected output protocol
* Improvements on "downloader" thread stability
* GPC: Added ability of use numbers on remap and unmap statements
* Fix: Correct warning messages when compiling more than one script at same time
* GPC: Fix NULL tokens references of defines statements
* Plugin API modified to meet new requirements
* Improvements on multiple instances checker
* Several grammar fixes

Ver 1.13
* Device Options: Added "Automatic DS3 Pairing" option
* Optimizations on manual DS3/SixAxis pairing procedures

Ver 1.12
* Device Options: Added option to remember last used script

Ver 1.11
* GPC: Removed the parameters deadzone and cutoff values from "sensitivity" function
* GPC: Added "deadzone" function (with support to rectangle and circle shapes)
* GPC: Added "DZ_CIRCLE" identifier, to be used with "deadzone" function
* GPC: The use of constant 'REMAP NULL' (deprecated) now only generates a warning, instead of an error.
* SW and FW Update Wizards: show versions in decimal format

Ver 1.10
* GPC: Added "unmap" statement and "ALL_REMAPS" identifier
* GPC: Removed the identifier "REMAP_NULL" (use unmap instead)
* Plugin Manager and Plugin API. Reformulated to match with Direct Access API
* Better format to show versions of the SW and the FW
* GPC: Added CEMU_EXTRA[1~6] statements (to use with ControllerEmu)

Ver 1.09
* SW: Added command to erase all scripts on GPP device (menu Tools -> Erase all scripts on GPP)
* SW: The command "Write Project" is now named "Store scripts into GPP" (describes better the operation)
* SW: More grammar mistakes fixes (if you found one please notify us)
* SW: Better positioning of some dialog windows and message boxes.

Ver 1.08
* GPC: Added "isqrt" and "stickize" functions
* SW: some grammar mistakes fixes
* SW: IPC Server cleanup on exit
* Optimization on downloader thread

Ver 1.07
* GPC: Added "inv", "pow" and "wiir_offscreen" functions
* Editor: Indentation now use space characters (instead of tab)

Ver 1.06
* Added support for Wiimote Classic Controller and Classic Controller PRO
* GPP Monitor: now only show the entries of Wiimote extensions if it is attached
* GPP Monitor: added Debug Fields: TRACE_[1~6]
* GPC: Added constant REMAP_NULL (and sintax highlight to NOT_USE REMAP_NULL FALSE) TODO: update plugins
* GPC: hability of use defines on remap statements.

Ver 1.05
* GPP Monitor: Added Hotkey to pause plot (Pause key)
* GPP Monitor: Remember window position for current execution
* Plugin API: pluginInit -> software version argument
* Plugin API: Added "Open GPP Monitor" command
* Plugin API: Added "Close GPP Monitor" command
* Application <-> Plugin manager thread IPC optimizations

Titan One Firmware

The firmware is a set of instructions stored in the read-only memory (flash) of the device, which determines how the hardware should works. The firmware updates are intended for fixing bugs, performance improvements and adding new features to the device.

Version 2.71
Release Date 27 January 2021
Device Compatibility Titan One device


2021-01-27, Ver 2.71
* USB Host: Fix bug where the PS5 Auth Reset was being triggered earlier than needed

* Added support for PlayStation 5 (with third-party controller or Auth Reset)
* Added USB support for DualSense (rumble, LED color, touchpad, motion)
* Added Bluetooth support for DualSense (rumble, LED color, touchpad, motion)
* First-party and third-party PS4 controllers are now automatically detected
* Several improvements on the support of PS4 compatible controllers
* Added support for Astro C40 TR Elite controller
* Added support for Xbox Series X|S console
* Added USB support for Xbox Series X|S controller

2019-11-29, Ver 2.66
* USB Host: Added support for Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller (PS4)
* USB Host: Added support for PDP Victrix Pro FS with Touch Pad (PS4) {GitHub#26}
* USB Host: Added support for QANBA Drone Arcade Joystick (PS4)
* USB Host: Added wired support for Xbox One Elite S2 controller (paddles)
* Bluetooth: Added wireless support for Xbox Adaptive controller {GitHub#24}
* Bluetooth: Added wireless support for Xbox One Elite S2 controller
* Bluetooth: Fixed button mapping for updated Xbox S controllers
* Tournament Edition Firmware now polls input controllers at 1000Hz rate

2019-08-20, Ver 2.65
* Fixed bug preventing PS4 authentication when using DS4 controller connected via Bluetooth

2019-08-19, Ver 2.64
* Reverted some changes made on 2.60 in attempt to fix PS4 auth issues when using controller over BT
* USB Host: Added support for Hori Onyx (PS4)
* USB Host: Added support for Nacon Revolution Ultimate Pro (PS4)
* USB Host: Added support for Astro C40 (PS4)

2019-02-21, Ver 2.62
* USB Host: Added support for Razer Raiju Ultimate V2 (1532:1007)
* USB Host: Added support for Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas 4
* Tournament Edition Firmware now runs by default with all speed-up settings enabled and at 1ms loop rate

2018-10-18, Ver 2.60
* Updates to support the PCBA version 2.10 changes
* USB Host: Added support for HORI Real Arcade Pro.4 (PS4) {GitHub#22}
* USB Host: Added support for Sony PSVR Aim Controller (PS4)
* USB Host: Added support for Zero Plus 4 (PS4)
* USB Host: Added support for Zero Plus Emio Elite (PS4)
* USB Host: Added support for Hori Rap M4 (PS4)
* USB Host: Added support for Hori Slime (PS4)
* USB Host: Added support for Hori Mint 4 (PS4)
* USB Host: Added support for Hori Border Break (PS4)
* USB Host: Added support for Nacon Compact (PS4)
* USB Host: Added support for Razer Raiju Ultimate (PS4)
* USB Host: Added support for Scuff Vantage (PS4)
* USB Host: Applied changes needed related with controller update from Switch system version 6.0 {GitHub#23}

2018-03-13, Ver 2.56
* USB Host: Added support for Razer Panthera Fight Stick (PS4) {GitHub#20}
* USB Output: Added support for the changes on Nintendo Switch version 5.0.0 from March 12, 2018

2018-02-27, Ver 2.55
* USB Host: Added support for HORI Real Arcade Pro.N (RAP) {GitHub#17}
* USB Host: Added support for Mad Catz FightPad PRO (PS4) {GitHub#19}
* USB Host: Another attempt to fix the support for Razer Raiju {GitHub#12}

2017-12-20, Ver 2.54
* USB Host: Added support for the DualShock 4 USB Wireless Adaptor
* USB Host: Fix support for Razer Raiju (broke with previous changes)

2017-12-01, Ver 2.53
* USB Host: Added support for NACON REVOLUTION PRO 2
* USB Output: Fix motion sensor calibration parameters (horizontal offsets) for Nintendo Switch

2017-10-14, Ver 2.52
* USB Host: Another fix related with support for the new third-party PS4 controllers (when used on PS4 console)
* USB Host: Many improvements on the USB enumeration. Aiming to better detect and support third-party PS4 controllers

2017-09-29, Ver 2.51
* Bluetooth: Fix wireless connection with PS4 controllers

2017-09-27, Ver 2.50
* USB Host: Added support for HORI FIGHTING HAYABUSA RAP V (PS4) {GitHub#11}
* USB Host: Added support for Nintendo Switch Pro controller (wired mode; TODO: rumble)
* USB Output: Improved detection of connected console/system (USB AUTOMATIC MODE), added Nintendo Switch
* USB Output: Added support for Nintendo Switch console (TODO: decode HD Rumble packet)
* USB Host: Added wireless support for Xbox One S controllers (Bluetooth, BT Dongle 4.0+ required) {GitHub#2}
* GPC VM: Added check_slot(slot_no) function

2017-07-17, Ver 2.47
* GPC VM: Added ability to read the raw values of Wiimote IR using the builtin function ps4_touchpad()

2017-05-24, Ver 2.46
* USB Host: Fixed support for the more third-pary PS4 controllers (HORI TAC4 PRO)

2017-02-09, Ver 2.45
* USB Host: Fixed support for the new third-pary PS4 controllers (tested: NACON REVOLUTION PRO, should work: HORI GRIP TAC 4, RAZER RAIJU)

2017-02-09, Ver 2.44
* USB Host: Added support for RAZER RAIJU PS4 controller
* USB Host: Enable auto-paring for the new PS4 controller
* USB Host: Added full USB enumeration for third-party PS4 controllers

2017-01-21, Ver 2.43
* USB Host: Added support for several PS4 controllers (HORI FIGHTING STICK 4 MINI, HORI TAC 4 PRO, HORI GRIP TAC 4, NACON REVOLUTION PRO)

2016-11-07, Ver 2.42
* USB Host: Added support for new PS4 controller
* USB Host: Added support for PS4 Hori TAC4 (0F0D:007A)

2016-08-25, Ver 2.40
* USB Device: Added support for Xbox One S Controller
* USB Device: Added support for PS4 Remote Play (Win/Mac)
* USB Device: Added support for PS4 Lightbar feedback (for controller and backlight)
* USB Device: Fix L2CAP channel for PS3 rumble data reports (no need use flow control anymore)
* USB Device: "Rumble Over Bluetooth" is now factory "FULL SPEED" by default
* USB Device: Proper timing control and report for PS4 motion sensor values (ACC, GYRO)
* USB Device: Self-contained control of all report parameters for PS4 touchpad data
* USB Device: Fix disconnections of wireless controllers on PS4 with "PS4 partial crossover support"
* USB Device: "PS4 Partial Crossover Support" is now factory enabled by default
* USB Device: Proper report counter control and tracking on Xbox One reports
* USB Host: Automatically pair PS4 controllers with Titan One (Bluetooth)
* USB Host: PS4 "BT Boost" is now factory enabled by default
* USB Host: Added support for PS4 Frag FX Shark (2363:0668)
* USB Host: Better PS4 third-party controller detection
* USB Host: Xbox One controllers no longer require battery removal to authenticate
* GPC VM: Added ability to save and run gamepack/script configurations on-the-fly
* GPC VM: Fix normalization/denormalization of PS4 motion sensor values (ACC, GYRO)
* PCPROG: Now allows slot change and script testing without need of a controller

2016-01-25, Ver 2.38
* GPC VM: Added increment (++) and decrement (--) operations
* USB Host: XIM4 purple light fix and response time optimizations
* USB Host: significant improvements on the Generic HID controller support

2015-12-10, Ver 2.35
* Support for Xbox One Elite controller (maintaining TE2 Fightstick compatibility)
* Full scripting support for the Xbox One Elite paddles
* Added support for Arduino (Leonardo/Mojo) Joystick HID Interface
* Added Xbox APP compatibility for Xbox One streaming on Windows 10
* GPC VM: Added irand function (pseudo random number generator)
* API: Added PS4 Touchpad control via Titan One device API
* USB Host: Improvements on the Configuration Descriptor parser
* Wiimote: Fix interactive PS4 keyboard with Wiimote + IR
* Fix control the PS4 Touchpad with GPC script not working with all controllers

2015-10-04, Ver 2.30
* Added USB PID for the revision 2 of the Dualshock 4 controller
* Added support for authentication with Xbox 360 "GameStop" controllers
* Added full support for motion sensor on PS4 over USB
* Fix: Use of PS4 interactive keyboard with a non-touchpad controllers

2015-07-28, Ver 2.27
* Compatibility fixes (remove timeout on EP0 transfers, re-enable PS4 rumble)

2015-07-28, Ver 2.25
* Added full support for the touchpad on PS4
* GPC VM: Added ps4_set_touchpad function
* USB Device: Added support for Set/Clear Remote Wakeup transactions
* USB Host: Fix rare memory alignment error when resubmitting active transfers
* Added support for the new Horipad 4 Touchpad controller (PS4 controller, AU)
* Added support for PowerA Mini (Xbox One controller, AU)
* Added support for Hori Pad One (Xbox One controller, AU)
* Added support for Xbox One Special Forces controllers (AU)

2015-05-22, Ver 2.20
* Automatically turns on the XB1 controller when turning on the XB1 console
* GPC VM: Added output_protocol function
* Fix: XB1 Protocol - do not trigger AU if connected on PC
* Improvements on PCPROG API.
* Added general rumble strength adjustment mechanics
* Rumble XB1 -> DS4 35% stronger

2015-02-18, Ver 2.17
* Fix intermittent PS4 auth failure when using the DS4 wirelessly.

2015-01-21, Ver 2.16
* Added Joystick/Gamepad HID Parser (greatly extending supported controllers)

2015-01-10, Ver 2.15
* Fix XBox One controller extended report, digital LT/RT (TE2 Fightstick)
* Fix PS4_TOUCH pressing time detection
* GPC VM: ps4_authtimeout, output_reconnection, get_ctrlbutton
* Timeout to automatically turn off idle controller

2014-12-23, Ver 2.12
* Added support for Playstation TV

2014-11-24, Ver 2.10
* Fix PS4 authentication using Hori Pad 4 FPS controller

2014-11-19, Ver 2.09
* Fix occasional/intermittent PCPROG to PC connection issue

2014-10-25, Ver 2.08
* Tournament Edition Firmware
* PS4 partial crossover support (auto reconnect every 10 minutes)
* Optimizations in the PS4 USB initialization
* Optimizations in the configurations update

2014-10-09, Ver 2.07
* Support for Visual Scripting (GPC Blocks) memory slot type
* Fix XIM4 freezing due LED status update over PS3 protocol

2014-09-04, Ver 2.06
* Support to XIM4 on Playstation 4

2014-08-25, Ver 2.05
* Report XBox One left and right trigger rumble values
* Extended API for Titan One specific plugins (LEDs and Rumble control)
* Dualshock 4 Light bar brightness control
* Memory slot name storing and reporting
* Memory slot Gtuner's data synchronization

2014-07-28, Ver 2.03
* Backlight: Strict Controller Player LEDs
* Firmware: Increased operation stability

2014-07-11, Ver 2.02
* GPC VM: Optimizations
* BT Stack: Fix input lag with some Bluetooth dongles models (usually v4)
Must have the "DS4 BT Boost" option enabled and "InFrame In" disabled.

2014-07-03, Ver 2.01
* Quick Fix: XBox 360 authentication

2014-07-01, Ver 2.00
* Titan One first public release (many improvements of predecessors firmware)
* PS4 authentication using DS4 controller in wireless mode
* PS4: turn off wireless controllers when console turns off
* Speed optimized firmware (super fast response time)