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Titan One review by Joe Marchese from NewGamerNation.com! Thank you Joe for your time and effort in reviewing our product!

consoletunertitanone-720x400 One of the most hotly debated topics that gamers experience is their console of choice. Some people have sworn allegiance to one brand or another and things often get ugly shortly after the topic is mentioned. When you ask them why they prefer one console over an other, you’ll often hear that it is the controller layout they care about most. Peripheral companies have made millions of dollars making third-party controllers that mimic the competing system’s layout. However, those controllers seem like a great idea but almost always have a different feel to the hardware.

Now, there is a better solution for this problem and that lies with the company ConsoleTuner and their latest product; the Titan One. The Titan One is a simple piece of hardware that lies between your controller and the console itself. The Titan One will then allow you to use almost any controller you want with any console you want. This includes using an Xbox controller with your PlayStation 3, a PlayStation 4 controller with your PC, etc. The combinations are vast and it allows you to take your favorite controller with you no matter where you play. You maintain the original first party feel and still get the performance you require from gaming today.

The Titan One does a great job of supporting all the major consoles and giving gamers a great way to play what they want to play, the way they want to play it. The setup process is relatively easy and getting is started doesn’t require too much time or manipulation. This unit does require a PC to manage, but it doesn’t need a lot of processing power to run, just a USB port and the software itself. Simply install the software, plug-in the Titan One via the programming port, update to the latest software. After that, you are pretty much ready to go. Just plug-in your favorite controller, plug that in to your favorite console and within seconds you are ready to game.

In addition to controller compatibility, there are other functions that the unit can add to your gaming experience. The Titan One supports up to nine different scripts or plug-ins that can be downloaded and installed via the software tool. These plug-ins do all sorts of things including supporting a mouse and keyboard for consoles, recording and executing button combos, remapping the controller buttons, even adding turbo features to certain key presses. The level of flexibility is tremendous and it gives you a lot of tools to customize your gaming experience as you see fit

The Titan One also supports wireless applications when using wireless controllers. You simply plug-in the device to a computer first, link the two devices and that controller will now wirelessly link to the Titan One for all your wireless applications. The Titan One has also been updated to fully support the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Both controllers work perfectly with the Titan One and it is one of the few solutions for getting your next-gen controllers working on other systems.

Overall, the Titan One is a very simple device that gives you a ton of flexibility in your gaming habits. Whether you prefer an older controller or you want to take a mouse and keyboard on the go, all options are on the table. The Titan One was easy to use and within a few minutes you can get set up and ready to game. Best of all this device will not void your warranty, it isn’t going to flag you via online services and is a near perfect solution for those looking to expand your gaming horizons. If you’ve ever not played a game or a console because you didn’t like the controller, button layout or any other controller related issue, this device should be on your “must own” list. Once you realize the potential this device has, you’ll never need another controller solution again.

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