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Titan One review by our Germany friends at PSXTools.de! Thank you for your time and effort in reviewing our product! (Article translated from German with Google Translate)


The Titan One is the official successor of GamepadProxy device, which made it possible to use any controller to any current console! The Titan One supports features such as next-gen controller support, Keyboard & Mouse Support, Game Pack’s completely self-created scripts, button mapping and other plug-ins and features! With the dongle itself was a short quick start guide and a mini USB programming cable to the Titan One and update.

The review sample came with firmware 2.05, where there is already the update 2.06 which the DualShock 4 can be completely mapped! To use the Titan One properly, it needs the software manufacturer, the “GTuner Pro”, which can be downloaded from the website for free download. In it there are countless recruitment and modification options for the Titan One. Especially for the DualShock 4 and its status LED’s there are extra functions, such as the dimming of the Status Bar and an exclusive Titan One Feature: A Status LED on the USB dongle itself, which communicates with the DualShock 4.

We come to the heart of the Titan One: The Controller Support! Supported are all original controller, and a whole lot of third-party controllers, such as Mad Catz, Logitech, Razer or Controller of GameStop and of course the mouse & keyboard. This includes steering wheels & Arcade Fight Sticks, for each game style is so worried! These can also be mapped completely free, absolutely every button is fully assignable, the same goes for the keyboard. To use the desired controller is wireless, it needed but usually one adapter, such as a Bluetooth dongle for the Playstation and Wii controller, or a wireless adapter Microsoft.

Another feature that for some reason a purchase can be: The Game Packs & plug-ins! For probably the most popular game genre, the shooter, are those “extras” probably more of a curse than a blessing, nevertheless many hope that through such tools an online advantage, such as a aimbot, or improved target skills. The Titan One offers exactly this Game Packs for the most popular shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield. New to the list are about The Last of Us and the brand new Destiny! There are also constantly new, mostly added by the community, but also even you can create such scripts! It also has useful plug-ins that you can do this directly from the console, how to record about certain key sequences and to play back on demand.

Finally can say the following: With the Titan One very good update of the GamepadProxy device has succeeded! There are constantly new features added and also the community is in specifically for the Titan One the intended active forum to the product to improve steadily. Also the support responds quickly and can also loose only if you are satisfied with the product itself again! I was betrayed also, that soon a new update appears: A Tournament firmware! Thus, the Titan One are also used in official tournaments! This feature was requested by “SCUF controller”, so no cheats, mods, scripts or the like are possible. Another update: The so-called “Visual Game Pack Creator”. This makes it easy to create your own mods and drop function drag and they should be better than ever before created mods of the community!

  • Supports a variety of controllers
  • Supports Wireless Controller
  • Mod and script support
  • With all the latest consoles compatible & Future-proofed through updates
  • Ongoing support of the Titan One’s
  • Community content is very important perceived
  • Not all third-party controllers are supported
  • It will be for wireless controller still requires additional adapter
  • Online “cheating” is so unrecognized possible (for some positive)

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