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Gtuner IV

Gtuner IV is the main software for programming, updating and configuring the Titan Two device, featuring an complete IDE with integrated compiler for the GPC script language. Gtuner IV also provides user friendly interfaces for easy download, configure and use gamepacks or user made scripts. Based in a modern framework, Gtuner IV supports multi-platform, high resolution monitors and localization.

Gtuner IV for Windows
Version 0.102B
Release Date 31 Mar 2017
File Size: 48.4 MB
Device Compatibility Titan Two Device
System Compatibility Win10, Win8.1, Win7
Gtuner IV for Mac
Version 0.102B
Release Date 31 Mar 2017
File Size: 53.1 MB
Device Compatibility Titan Two Device
System Compatibility OS X 10.8+


2017-03-31, Ver 0.102B
* Device Monitor: Allow the items of device status area to further squeeze to avoid vertical scrollbar
* Device Monitor: CPU Load can now be dragged to and plottable channel
* KM Capture: fixed chance of mutex deadlock when exiting capture mode
* Interactive Configuration: removed "Stay on Top" window flag of Gtuner IV Windows version
* GPC Compiler: Fix mxyconverter() compiler error with valid mxyconfig data structure
* Added interface to fetch HID descriptors from a device connected to the Titan Two (menu Tools)
* Updated dialog windows icon to reflect the dialog function
* Qt framework updated to 5.8.0-1

2017-03-17, Ver 0.101B
* Device Monitor: Queued plot refresh for better performance on processing of time sensible events
* KM Capture: refactored mouse input acquisition and threaded with flow control USB data reporting
* Disabled many debugging messages on public release builds

2017-03-13, Ver 0.100B
* Input Translator: return scroll page to top when opening a new file
* Input Translator: temporarily disable UI update while loading an file (avoid flickering)
* Published GPC and GIT can now be dragged directly to memory slots {GitHub#84}
* Online Resources: Show download options if the work already exists locally (Replace, Create Copy, Cancel) {GitHub#72}
* The memory slot number is now clickable for quick load a memory slot, also available via context menu {GitHub#110,#115}
* Online Resources: "Publish Date" changed to "Last Updated" in the "sort by" combobox {GitHub#98}
* GPC Compiler: Fix compiling error with nested jumping tables {GitHub#119}
* Added Cancel option for closing a not saved file (Code Editor and Input Translator) {GitHub#105}
* File Explorer: Added "Delete to Trash" and make it the default delete operation {GitHub#32}
* File Explorer: New directories are now created under the parent of the area where the context menu was called {GitHub#26}
* File Explorer: Keep the directories on top also when sorting by Modified Date {GitHub#66}
* Code Editor: Character encoding changed to UTF8 (previously Latin-1) to support ASCII Art on comments {GitHub#91}
* Publishing: If the published work is Bytecode, updates will be marked as Bytecode by default {GitHub#109}
* Input Translator: Make icon grayed if "No GIT file opened"
* Added "Save a Copy As..." to the file menu, after "save a copy" both files will be in the code editor {GitHub#121}
* File Explorer: Silent close the file, if opened, before execute a delete operation
* Output Panel: Select and copy multiple lines - selection modifiers keys: Ctrl and Shift {GitHub#106}
* Memory Slot: Fix duplicated output message when updating an memory slot configuration {GitHub#107}
* Added link to software and firmware changelog in the Help -> About window {GitHub#111}
* Publishing: The description field is now mandatory {GitHub#128}
* Added memory slot shortcuts: Ctrl+UP, Ctrl+DOWN, Ctrl+0 and Ctrl+<1 to 9> {GitHub#89}
* Fixed crashing on Mac when opening GIT files with Mouse XY configuration {GitHub#125}
* Set Interactive Configuration window to stay on top of Gtuner IV window - Mac {GitHub#101}
* The GPC Input Reference window automatically closes it-self if the active window changes {GitHub#112}
* Auto adjust the width of the Interactive Configuration window to fit its contents {GitHub#102}
* Several tweaks on GUI elements of Mac version to have similar look and feel as the Windows version
* Improvements on the GPC Input Reference: insert GPC designator and auto select combobox {GitHub#113,#100,#58}
* Added command "Sort Tabs by Name" in the Window menu {GitHub#122}
* Implementation of GCMD API to allow the Titan Two scripts to send commands to Gtuner IV {GitHub#114}
* File Explorer: Enable/disable the items from the context menu accordingly the current selection
* Code Editor: Inclusion of bookmarks margin (Ctrl+F2) and navigation (F2, Shift+F2) {GitHub#17}
* GPC Compiler: Added variants of pmem_load() and pmem_save() with argument (memory slot number) {GitHub#123}
* Windows version: increased the version number of assemblies to avoid side-by-side conflits {GitHub#82,#134}
* KM Capture: updated to use a dark theme, frameless window and non-modal
* KM Capture: limit the maximum output HID reports to 1000/s (to avoid overload of the USB data pipe)

2017-02-22, Ver 0.99B-1400
* GPC Compiler: Fix assigment with multi-parameter function on variable declaration
* Shortcut for "KM Capture" changed to F4 (F2 was confliting with file rename in file explorer pane)
* Added option to copy the Mouse XY conversion curve as GPC fix32 array from the data table (Alt modifier)
* The angular parameter of Exponential-Angular curve generator now goes up to 100.00
* Mouse XY Converter: Swaped position between deadzone and curve areas to reflect the new processing order

2017-02-20, Ver 0.99B
* GPC Compiler: the pre-processor directives (i.e. #line) is now processed by the lexer module
* Input Translator: Moved header bar outside the scrolling area
* Input Translator: The header bar now shows the GIT file size
* GPC Input Reference Dialog: Remember position and geometry during current session
* Added Mouse Mapping configuration to Input Translator pane
* Added Mouse XY Conversion configuration to Input Translator pane
* Memory Slots: Check for GIT file too big for internal memory slots
* Device Monitor/Slot Metainfo: Added flag for Mouse XY Conversion ('C')
* GPC Compiler: Added pow() build-in function (for int and fix32)
* GPC Compiler: Added mousemapping(), mousemapping_reset(), mxyconverter(), mxyconverter_reset() and mouse_status()
* GPC Compiler: Added new header file
* Added "Keyboard and Mouse Capture" interface for play using the computer's K&M (similar to MaxAim DI)

2017-01-28, Ver 0.98B
* Show warning message of Input Translator unsaved work when closing Gtuner IV
* Added Keyboard Mapping configuration to Input Translator pane
* Device Monitor/Slot Metainfo: Added flag for Keyboard ('K') and Mouse ('M') Mapping
* Fix bug preventing the "Test and Debug" command to log output messages for GIT files
* Added GPC Input Reference dialog (F1 shortcut), click the row number to insert the designator to the code
* GIT files now includes an flag for EOF
* GPC Compiler: Added keymapping(), keymapping_reset(), key_status() and key_get() build-in functions
* GPC Compiler: Added new header file with key code definitions

2017-01-21, Ver 0.97B
* Changed code for synchronous download (Online Resources) to work with Qt 5.7.1 (Mac)
* Also verify the revision number when checking for new updates (software and firmware)

2016-12-22, Ver 0.96B
* Fix calltips of some GPC build-in functions and commands
* GPC Compiler: pmem_read() with single argument now accepts literal expressions
* Interactive configuration: size policy changed to expanding on several controls
* Online Resources: Added "Release Date" option on "Order by" dropbox
* GPC Compiler: Fixed incorrect memory alignment of variables declared after combos
* Interactive Configuration: Enable links to open in external browser
* GPC Compiler: process pre-processor directives (ie. #line) inside initialization list
* Online Resources: prioritize focus on search box to easy make search queries
* Online Resources: added clear button for search query {GitHub#64}
* GPC Compiler: changed format string of Variables usage report to keep consistency {GitHub#90}
* Qt framework updated to 5.7.1

2016-11-16, Ver 0.95B
* GPC Compiler: Added display_overlay() function {GitHub#42}
* GPC Compiler: Fix rand execution order when placed as parameter
* GPC Compiler: Fix pointer parameter followed by a value parameter causing compiler error {GitHub#81}
* GPC Compiler: Added mslot_get(), mslot_load() and mslot_check() functions {GitHub#75}
* Menu: Added "Gtuner Documentation" and "GPC Language Reference" in the help menu {GitHub#74}
* Publishing: Added placeholder tip for "description", "keywords" and "doc url" input fields {GitHub#63}
* Preferences: Added links to "Register" and "Forgot Password" into ConsoleTuner pane {GitHub#62}
* Script/Gamepack Interactive Configuration window initial geometry increased to 500x560
* Added "Save Layout" (Ctrl+F11) and "Restore Layout" (F11) operations to View menu {GitHub#67}
* Online Resources: prevent embed YouTube to open external browser
* Added option to show Modified Date on File Explorer (Preferences -> Environment) {GitHub#66}
* Publishing: multi-byte characters are converted to HTML-entity when re-publishing a script {GitHub#47}
* Code Editor: Added backward search with Shift+F3 {GitHub#48}
* Code Editor: Fix Replace All not replacing all occurrences when there is a selected text
* The global property "last directory" is updated according the selected directory in the File Explorer {GitHub#25}
* GPC Compiler: List unreferenced variables, functions, combos and/or labels {GitHub#23}
* GPC Compiler: Added port_permit_ffb() function
* Device Configuration: Global enable/disable FFB on each input port {GitHub#77}
* Device Configuration: Force USB Prog Interface to full speed (12Mbps)

2016-10-29, Ver 0.94B
* First public beta release

Titan Two Firmware

The firmware is a set of instructions stored in the read-only memory (flash) of the device, which determines how the hardware should works. Firmware updates are intended to fix bugs, improvements of functionality and add new features to the device.

Version 0.87B
Release Date 07 Apr 2017
Device Compatibility Titan Two device


2017-04-07, Ver 0.87B
* USB HOST: Support for USB low-speed devices (1.5 Mbit/s), such as keyboards, mice, PS2 adapters, foot-switches, etc
* USB HOST: Fixed several communication issues with Xbox One S controller, including inconsistent FFB and headset noise {GitHub#44}
* PS4 Driver: Fixed battery charge level report of third-party wired controllers {GitHub#45}
* Fetch Device Descriptors: Retry get descriptor if the device stalls the control endpoint, or if error occurred

2017-03-31, Ver 0.86B
* Added API to provide HID descriptors of a device connected to the Titan Two

2017-03-20, Ver 0.85B-66
* Optimizations to improve the data flow of mic audio signal from controller to console
* Mouse XY Translation: Improvement of the algorithm that determines the mouse movement/speed value

2017-03-17, Ver 0.85B
* Mouse XY Translation + Normalization: Apply both axis value if any of the axis has value
* Mouse XY Translation: Calculation of mouse movement value is now based on traveled distance over time

2017-03-13, Ver 0.84B-239
* Mouse XY Translation: Fix value overflow with deadzone shape smaller than circle
* Fix32 MathLib: optimizations on pow() algorithm (used by Mouse XY Translator)
* GPC VM + HID Driver: Fix HID report ID check for key_status() and key_get() build-in functions

2017-03-13, Ver 0.84B
* Added support for "load memory slot X" command from Gtuner IV
* GPC VM: Added pmem_load() and pmem_save() with argument (opcodes PMLN and PMSN)
* Mouse XY Translation: ensure persistence of mouse wheel forward/backward events for around 64ms
* Mouse XY Translation: tweaks to improve mouse micro-movements to be registered by the console
* Mouse XY Translation: fixed indexing issue when mouse value falls outside the conversion curve range
* Keyboard Mapping: Allow single key to be mapped to multiple controller buttons, stick, sensors, etc
* HID Driver: Fix HID report ID check for keyboards and keyboard like devices (footswitch compatibility)
* USB PROG: Fix error code 2 with Gtuner IV when unplug/plug the device while still powered
* SD-CARD API: Disabled support for SDIO (not needed by the Titan Two)
* PROG Interface: Enable double-buffer for USB transfers (increase data bandwidth, required when using "KM Capture")
* PS4 Driver: Fix synchronization of lightbar color when initializing in full-passthru mode
* PS3 Emulator: Fix synchronization of Player LEDs when initializing in full-passthru mode
* USB HOST: Fixed occasional sound distortion on isochronous pipe, most noticable when using XB1 controller with stereo headsets

2017-02-22, Ver 0.83B-222
* Mouse XY Translation: Deadzone is now processed last (dM -> [Sensitivity + YXRatio] -> CC -> DZ)

2017-02-20, Ver 0.83B
* Added support for RAZER RAIJU PS4 controller
* HID Driver: Added support for HID mice
* HID Driver: Added support for user configurable mouse mapping
* Input Translator: Fix bug preventing GIT file to load in some circumstances
* HID Parser: Fix bug on HID Descriptor parsing at "Usage List" consumption for OUTPUT and FEATURE
* HID Driver: Fix issue with HID report allocation when USB device has multiple interfaces
* HID Driver: Poll only interfaces with supported HID Report
* HID Driver: Added support for user configurable mouse XY translation
* GPC VM: Added pow() function (opcodes POW and POWF)
* GPC VM: Added mousemapping() and mousemapping_reset() functions (opcodes MMAP and MRST)
* GPC VM: Added mxyconverter() and mxyconverter_reset() functions (opcodes MXYC and MXYR)
* GPC VM: Added mouse_status() function (opcode MSTS)
* Added support for "Virtual HID Devices" through PROG interface (i.e. play using computer's Keyboard and Mouse)
* Core: Eliminated chance of concurrent malloc calls -which was causing random resets- when using PROG interface

2017-01-28, Ver 0.82B
* HID Driver: Added support for Keyboard, Keypads and user configurable key mapping
* GPC VM: Added keymapping(), keymapping_reset(), key_status() and key_get() functions
* GPC VM: Clear BOTTOM_DOT, if set, after display_overlay() timeout

2017-01-21, Ver 0.81B
* Added support for Generic HID devices (Gamepads, Joysticks, Steering Wheels, Flightsticks, Fightsticks, etc)
* Added support for several PS4 controllers (HORI FIGHTING STICK 4 MINI, HORI TAC 4 PRO, HORI GRIP TAC 4, NACON REVOLUTION PRO)
* Added support for CTHULHU chip {GitHub#18}

2016-12-22, Ver 0.80B
* USB PROG: Fix Gtuner IV connection error 2 when unplug/plug the device to computer
* USB DEV: Detect PS4 turning off event to interrupt passthru mode, if any

2016-11-22, Ver 0.79B
* GPC VM: if intensity on led_set() is negative, the user defined intensity is used
* Restrict LED and FFB data reports to connected controllers to maximum of 1 per ms
* GPC VM: led_vmget() now returns 0 if led_vmset() was not previously called

2016-11-16, Ver 0.78B
* GPC VM: Added display_overlay() function {GitHub#42}
* GPC VM: Fixed combo_restart causing device reset {GitHub#78}
* GPC VM: Added mslot_get(), mslot_load() and mslot_check() functions {GitHub#75}
* GPC VM: Added port_permit_ffb() function
* Added global option to disable the FFB (vibration) of each input port {GitHub#77}
* Disable watchdog while performing potential time consuming sd-card operations {GitHub#61}
* Revert watchdog timeout back to 500ms
* Skip DS3/DS4 Bluetooth pairing if there is no BT Module present {GitHub#22}
* Added configuration to force USB Prog Interface to full speed (12Mbps)
* Fixed issue with stereo headset on Xbox One controller audio jack
* Force HID Endpoint bInterval for PS4 controllers to 4 (to simulate the PS4 console)

2016-11-06, Ver 0.77B
* First open beta release