Device Comparison: Titan Two vs Titan One

Titan Two Titan One
Release Date Jan 2018 (Jun 2019) Jul 2014
Active YES YES
Core Features
Scripting Support YES (GPC2 Script Language) YES (GPC Script Language)
Crossover Support YES YES 1)
Hardware Features
CPU 32-bit Single-Cycle RISC @ 66MHz 8-bit Single-Cycle RISC @ 16MHz
USB Ports 2x Host + 2x OTG 1x Host + 2x Device
USB Version USB 2.0 High Speed (480Mbps) USB 2.0 Full Speed (12Mbps)
USB Connectors 2x Type-A + 2x Micro-AB 1x Type-A + 1x Plug-A + 1x Mini-B
Bluetooth Build-in low latency module 2)
up to 4 simultaneous connections
External USB Dongle 3)
single connection
Power Supply Jack YES 4) NO
External Memory Slot Micro-SD Slot NO
Status Display 7-Seg LED Display + 1x Dot 7-Seg LED Display + 2x Dots
Port Status Indicator 4x Bi-Color LED NO
Programmable RGB LED Lightbar (16,777,216 colors) Background color (7 colors)
Operating buttons 2x Multi-function 1x Multi-function
Logical Features
Internal Response Time 50µs ↔ 250µs 1ms ↔ 10ms
Overall Response Time 50µs ↔ ‹polling interval 1ms ↔ 10ms
Configurable Polling Rate 1000Hz, 500Hz, 250Hz and 125Hz 1000Hz
Data Acquisition 32bit Data Normalization
13,333,333 points of resolution
8bit Data Normalization
201 points of resolution
Data Outputs 1x USB or 1x Bluetooth 1x USB
Data Inputs 4x USB + 2x Bluetooth
up to 6 simultaneous inputs
1x USB
up to 2 5) simultaneous inputs
Data View & Plot YES YES
Buttons and Stickers YES YES
Motion Sensor YES YES
PS4 Touchpad YES YES
Controller Vibration YES YES
Triggers Vibration YES YES
Player LED / Lightbar YES YES
PS4 Controller Speaker YES NO
Controller Headset YES NO
Controller Chatpad YES NO
Keyboard and Mouse YES
direct and/or via Gtuner IV
YES (via MaxAim DI)
requires PC connection
Steering Wheels YES
generic HID device
YES (via MaxAim DI)
requires PC connection
Virtual Machine Features
Architecture 32-bit Stack Machine 16-bit Stack Machine
Memory 1024 bytes 256 bytes
Maximum Bytecode 8192 bytes 4096 bytes
Scripting Features
Pre-Processor YES NO
Header files YES NO
Dyn Mem Allocation YES NO
Code Structure Flexible Rigid
Bytecode Meta Info YES
script name, version, author
Integer Types Signed and Unsigned
8bit, 16bit and 32bit
Signed 16bit
Decimal Types 16.16 fixed point NO
Strings YES NO
Arrays YES YES
Pointers YES NO
Combos YES
jumping table
if else chain
Functions YES YES
Recursion YES NO
Flow Control ALL if/else only
Loop Statements ALL while only
Math Functions YES Very Limited
Input Translator YES NO
Binary Macros YES
up to 24 days long
Compiler Optimizations YES NO
Print Debug Messages YES NO
Script Publishing and Sharing
Open Code Sharing YES YES
Closed Code Sharing YES NO
Configuration Interface YES
up to 1024 configurations 6)
up to 16 configurations
1) The Titan One crossover support on PS4 has limitations.
2) , 3) Sold Separately.
4) The external power supply for the Titan Two is optional and sold separately.
5) The secondary input for the Titan One requires PC connection and the MaxAim DI plugin
6) The total configurations on the Titan Two depends on the data type used.
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