Getting to know your Device

Top Features

1) Bluetooth Module Cover

Remove the plastic cover to install the Titan Two Bluetooth Module (Sold Separately).

2) Device Status and Memory Slot Display

  • Circling up-and-down: Waiting for I/O connections (console, controller, Gtuner IV).
  • Solid Number 0: No memory slot loaded.
  • Solid Number 1 to 9: Memory slot x loaded.
  • AU: Console authentication, connect the correspondent official controller to any available INPUT port.
  • E1, E2, E3, … Error code.

3) RGB Lightbar

Fully Programmable true color RGB Lightbar with 16,777,216 color variations.

4) Memory Slot Buttons

Load previous or next memory slot. Press both buttons to unload memory slot. Press and hold both buttons for 2.5 seconds to enter in bootloader mode.

5) USB Port Status LED

  • Green: Port in use and active.
  • Orange: Port in use, but not active.
  • Red: Port error or connected device not supported.

Front Features


Main input port, the controller connected to this input will have the highest priority over all other input ports (USB and/or Bluetooth).

Suggestion: Connect your preferred gaming controller here.


USB Input port, 3rd level priority.

Suggestion: Connect the console official controller here for authentication and other console specific features, such as controller headset, chatpad, touchpad, motion sensor, etc.

Back Features

8) External Power Supply Input

Required when the overall power exceeds the maximum power of USB port (2.5W, 500mA); or when using Bluetooth output protocol.

The external power supply is sold separately.

9) Micro-SD Slot

For extended memory slot storage and binary macros capability.

Supported format: FAT32

10) PROG (or INPUT-D with OTG adapter)

Programming port to connect the Titan Two to the computer. Download and install Gtuner IV to configure your Titan Two with Gamepacks and GPC Scripts.

Alternatively, this port can be used as USB Input via OTG adapter, lowest level priority.

11) OUTPUT (or INPUT-C with OTG adapter)

Output USB Port. Use this port to connect the Titan Two to the console. The output protocol can be configured with Gtuner IV, the default value is AUTOMATIC.

The Titan Two can only act as a single controller or HID device. Connecting multiple controllers to the Titan Two will merge all inputs to one output.

Alternatively, this port can be used as USB Input via OTG adapter, 5th level priority.

Basic Usage

1. Connect the original controller of the console to the USB port labeled Input-B. An original controller of the console is required for authentication and for console specific features, such as controller headset, chatpad, touchpad, motion sensor, etc.

2. Connect your preferred controller to the USB port labeled Input-A. This controller will have precedence over any other controller connected to the Titan Two, meaning the commands executed on this controller will supersede the commands from the subsequent controllers in the priority chain.

3. With the provided micro-USB cable, connect the Titan Two Output port to the console. Make sure the output protocol configured in the device’s settings is compatible with the console in use. The output protocol can be configured using Gtuner IV or Gtuner Air.

All respective status LEDs, for Input-A, Input-B and Output ports, should be green and the numeric display should show the number 0, indicating the Titan Two is operational.
Enable Wired Communication
PlayStation 4: Settings → Devices → Controllers → Communication Method: Use USB Cable.
Nintendo Switch: System Settings → Controllers and Sensors → Check the Option: Pro Controller Wired Communication.
Optional Step

4. If your Titan Two was previously programmed with Gamepacks, GPC Scripts, Input Translator and/or Binary Macros, you can now press the device’s buttons to load and execute any available memory slot.

Gamepacks, GPC Scripts, Input Translator and Macros are created, downloaded and/or programmed using Gtuner IV or Gtuner Air.

Programming, Configuring and Updating

1. Download and install Gtuner IV:


2. Connect the Titan Two PROG port to computer with the provided micro-USB cable:

The first time the Titan Two is connected to the computer, the computer will detect a new USB device and automatically install the device drivers.

3. Run Gtuner IV, the software should automatically detect your Titan Two device. Gtuner IV is the main tool for programming, configuring and updating the Titan Two gaming device.

Check for updates regularly! Titan Two and Gtuner IV updates introduce new features and provide bug fixes. Be sure to keep your device and software updated so that you don't miss out on the latest features.
After step 3, go to menu “Tools” – “Check for Updates…” on Gtuner IV.

Programming and Configuring Wirelessly

Gtuner Air provides an intuitive and easy to use interface for manage, program and configure the Titan Two device wirelessly, using smartphones and tablets.

Use Gtuner Air to search and load into the Titan Two device ready-to-use Gamepacks and Scripts, as well as Input Translators for controller layout customization, keyboard mapping and mouse aiming sensitivity.

The Titan Expansion Kit (sold separately) is required in order to add Bluetooth capabilities to the Titan Two device.

1. Download Gtuner Air for smartphones and tablets at the App Store of your handheld device.:

Technical Specifications

Product ID 2508:0032
Bootloader ID 2508:8032
Internal Response Time between 50µs and 250µs
Overall Response Time between 50µs and console polling interval
CPU Architecture Single-Cycle RISC, 32-bit
USB Interface 2.0 High Speed, 480Mbps
USB Ports 2x Host + 2x OTG
Bluetooth Interface H4, Low Latency, 4Mbps
Bluetooth Virtual Ports 1x Output + 2x Input + 1x Programming
Memory Slot Micro-SD Card, FAT32
External Power Supply 7.5V DC, 2A, Positive Internal Pin
Maximum Power 1.0W (USB), 1.5W (Ext. Power Supply)
Maximum Current 200mA
Brownout Voltage 1.70V
Oscillator Freq. and PLL 12MHz, 24MHz, 48MHz and 66MHz
Operating Temperature -5°C to 65°C
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