clamp - Restricts a value to be within a specified range


int32 clamp(int32 num, int32 lo, int32 hi);
fix32 clamp(fix32 num, fix32 lo, fix32 hi);

Computes the value of num clamped to the range defined by lo and hi.


  • num: The value to clamp.
  • lo: The minimum value. If num is less than lo, lo will be returned.
  • hi: The maximum value. If num is greater than hi, hi will be returned.

Return Value

The clamped value of num.


Example #1 clamp() example

init {
    printf("%d", clamp(55, 1, 10));        // 10
    printf("%d", clamp(-15, 1, 10));       // 1
    printf("%.1f", clamp(4.5, 1.0, 10.0)); // 4.5

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