Titan Expansion Kit

The Titan Expansion Kit (Sold Separately) adds Bluetooth wireless capability and extends the memory of the Titan Two Device.


Thank you for purchasing the Titan Expansion Kit.

You are few steps away from adding Bluetooth capabilities and extending the memory of your Titan Two device. Follow the installation guide and the first time configuration procedure as described in the setup guide below.

The Titan Bluetooth Module enables low latency wireless connections with controllers and consoles compatible with Bluetooth technology. With the Bluetooth Module installed, the Titan Two device is capable of handling up to 4 Bluetooth connections simultaneously, where 2 are used input devices, 1 for output and 1 for programming and configuration.

The Bluetooth Module requires installation of the Micro-SD card in order to work.

The Micro-SD card extends the number of available memory slots on the Titan Two device as well as to enabling the use of binary macro files. It also is used to store the required files to initialize the Titan Bluetooth Module and the Xbox Wireless Adapter.

Package Contents

Bluetooth Module

The Titan Bluetooth Module features a Dual-Mode Bluetooth 4.1 Class 1.5 controller with basic rate (BR), enhanced data rate (EDR) and low energy (LE) support, for up to 4 active connections with a 55 meters range.

The Titan Two is equipped with a low latency interface that connects the Bluetooth Module directly to the micro-controller, ensuring the fastest response time to wireless connections.

Micro-SD Card 512Mb

The Micro-SD card expands the Titan Two capabilities beyond the limited internal flash memory.

Installing the Bluetooth Module

1. Make sure to unplug all USB cables and external power supply from the device before proceeding.

2. Remove the Bluetooth Module cover

Hold the left and right sides of the Bluetooth Module cover with your fingers and lift up the cover slowly, but firmly.

3. Insert the Bluetooth Module

Align the board-to-board connector of the Bluetooth Module with the matching connector on the Titan Two and gently press down until the Bluetooth Module board is fully inserted.

4. Reassemble the Bluetooth Module cover

Installing the Micro-SD Card

1. Insert the Micro-SD card into the slot

Insert the Micro-SD card, with the label side facing up, into the Micro-SD card slot located at the back of the Titan Two device, until it clicks into place.

First Time Configuration

1. Using the provided Micro-USB cable, connect the Titan Two to the computer via the port labeled PROG.

2. Open Gtuner IV and go to the panel named Device Configuration.

Gtuner IV download link

3. Locate the sub-section Micro-SD Card and click on the button Configure.

4. Several files will be copied to the Micro-SD card installed into the Titan Two device, including all files required to initialize the Titan Bluetooth Module.

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