Cyberpunk 2077 Gamepack

Loading the Gamepack

To load a Gamepack into the Titan Two, simple drag-and-drop the Gamepack icon box from the Online Resources to any Memory Slot in the Gtuner's Device Memory Slots pane.

If the Memory Slot is not empty, its content will be overwritten.

After the drag-and-drop process, the Memory Slot should show the Gamepack name, version, author and the date/time it was loaded in the Memory Slot.

Configuring the Gamepack

After drag-and-drop the Gamepack to any Memory Slot, click on the configuration icon to open the Interactive Configuration Interface.

The Interactive Configuration Interface contains all MODs available on the Gamepack. By default all available MODs are disabled. The following instructions explain how to enable and configure each available MOD.


Runtime Operation: Press [RT|R2] + [Dpad Up] to toggle on/off.

The rapidfire / melee mod is suited for semi automatics or melee weapons and does not require any extra configuration. Just simply enable the mod.


Runtime Operation: Press [RT|R2] + [Dpad Down] to toggle on/off.

The athletic mod simply loops pressing the right trigger and this gains the athletic levels that comes with some nice upgrades for V. It is currently unknown how long it takes to reach the max athletic rank, The progress will occasionally pop up on the left side of the screen.


Runtime Operation: Double tap [LB|L1] to skip 24 hours.

Skipping time is useful for refreshing vendor stock or selling station's cash.


Runtime Operation: Press [LT|L2] + [Dpad Up] to toggle on/off. The device led will turn green when enabled.

Eddies are hard to come by in the game considering the prices of cyberware and cars, Crafting and selling can help you earn a lot of eddies quickly.

Open the menu and navigate to the crafting section, select the item you wish to mass craft and enable the mod.

Runtime Operation: Press [LT|L2] + [Dpad Down] to toggle on/off. The device led will turn blue when enabled.

To quickly mass sell items access a selling station and hover over the first item in the list and enable the mod. I suggest storing items you wish to keep in your apartments storage.


Automatically presses the the guard/block button when the right trigger is released.


  • Disabled
    Sprint mods are disabled.
  • Sprint fix
    It takes roughly 200ms of pressing the left stick in to sprint. With this mod a quick press will get you sprinting.
  • Easy Sprint
    Pushing the left stick fully forward will automatically press the sprint button.

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