Super Mario Odyssey

Loading the Gamepack

To load a Gamepack into the Titan Two, simple drag-and-drop the Gamepack icon box from the Online Resources to any Memory Slot in the Gtuner's Device Memory Slots pane.

If the Memory Slot is not empty, its content will be overwritten.

After the drag-and-drop process, the Memory Slot should show the Gamepack name, version, author and the date/time it was loaded in the Memory Slot.

Using the Gamepack

After loading the Gamepack into the Titan Two, press the right button on the device until the display shows the same number of the Memory Slot the Gamepack was dropped.

Runtime Operation: Press [MINUS] + [A] to quickly enable/disable the Gamepack without unload the Memory Slot.

Configuring the Gamepack

After drag-and-drop the Gamepack to any Memory Slot, click on the configuration icon to open the Interactive Configuration Interface.

The Interactive Configuration Interface contains all MODs available on the Gamepack. By default all available MODs are disabled. The following instructions explain how to enable and configure each available MOD.


Use this option to to perform a cappy jump or roll. Easy cappy allows you to cover more distance in a jump.

Runtime Operation: Press [UP] to perform one of the Easy Cappy Options options.


Use this option to perform an easy ground pound and high jump one with one tap.

Runtime Operation: Quick tap [ZL] to activate the Ground Pound Option.


Coins become very valuable in the later game when you can buy moons to travel to different locations. Using this option will allow you to sit back and relax while the macro gets you the max amount of coins.

  • 1) Open the map and travel to the cap kingdom.
  • 2) Warp to the central plaza checkpoint.
Runtime Operation: Tap [UP] to start/stop the Coin Farm Option.

Make sure you do not move the controller while the coin farm macro is running. If you go off-sync simply stop the macro and start from step one.


In this section there are two options: Easy Swim / Skip and Stick drift.

If you get tired of skipping game dialogue you can enable this option and simply hold [A] to repeatedly spam this action. Another good use for this is easy swimming.

Stick drift by default is set to a value of 15 and it is recommended to leave this option as is. If you find your controller is still drifting slowly increase the slider.

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