gcv_read — Read from GCV feedback data


Variation 1
void gcv_read(uint8 offset, <anytype> *variable);

Update the variable pointed by *variable with the value of type and size defined by <anytype>, located in the position offset from the GCV feedback data array.

Variation 2
uint8 gcv_read(uint8 offset);

Read an uint8 value from position offset of the GCV feedback data array.


  • offset: Position of the persistent memory array, starting from 0, from which a value should be read. Note: on Variation 2 the offset is passed as direct parameter of the opcode, therefore stack values can't be used.
  • <anytype> *variable: Pointer to an variable of type <anytype>.
<anytype> can be: int8, uint8, int16, uint16, int32, uint32, fix32 or any of its aliases.
Byte Size of Variable Types
int8, uint8 1 byte
int16, uint16 2 bytes big-endian
int32, uint32, fix32 4 bytes big-endian

Return Value

  • Variation 1 does not returns any value.
  • Variation 2 returns an uint8 value from the position offset.

GCV Feedback Data Array

The GCV feedback data is an array of a maximum of 255 bytes utilized by the Gtuner's Computer Vision script to provide information garnered from video frames (e.g. game streaming) by means of computer vision algorithms. The feedback data is utilized by Titan Two scripts for automatic configurations and/or to trigger automated actions.


Example #1 gcv_read() example

uint8 weapon_model;
int32 horz_delta;
uint16 shots_fired;
main {
    // GCV feedback data was updated
    if(gcv_ready()) {
        // Read the GCV feedback data into variables.
        weapon_model = gcv_read(0);
        gcv_read(1, &horz_delta);
        gcv_read(5, &shots_fired);

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