gcv_ready - Check for GCV data updates


bool gcv_ready();

Check if the feedback data from Gtuner's Computer Vision script was updated.

GCV scripts run on Gtuner IV and have as main purpose analyze video frames, such as game streaming, by means of computer vision algorithms. The GCV script can feed data to Titan Two scripts for automatic configurations and/or to trigger automated actions.

Return Value

Returns true if the GCV feedback data was updated, FALSE otherwise.


Example #1 gcv_ready() example

uint8 weapon_model;
int32 horz_delta;
uint16 shots_fired;
main {
    // GCV feedback data was updated
    if(gcv_ready()) {
        // Read the GCV feedback data into variables.
        weapon_model = gcv_read(0);
        gcv_read(1, &horz_delta);
        gcv_read(5, &shots_fired);

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