mxyconverter_hoffset — Set mouse horizontal offset


void mxyconverter_hoffset(int16 offset);

Set the horizontal offset value for the mouse movement input. Once the horizontal offset is configured, it remains active until mxyconverter_hoffset(0) is called. The horizontal offset is applied to the raw input value from the mouse direct connected to the Titan Two, simulating mouse movement on the X axis.

Configuring the vertical and horizontal offsets is the best way to code anti-recoil scripts when mouse is used for aiming. By simulating mouse movement on the Y and X axis, the loaded Input Translator is able to proper make the MXY conversion and maintain the movement smooth.


  • offset: Value to offset the mouse horizontal movement raw input.

Return Value

No value is returned.


Example #1 mxyconverter_hoffset() example

main {
    if(get_val(BUTTON_5)) {
        if(get_val(BUTTON_8)) {
            mxyconverter_hoffset(-12); // ADS Right Anti-Recoil
        } else {
            mxyconverter_hoffset(-10); // HIP Right Anti-Recoil
    } else {
        mxyconverter_hoffset(0);      // Remove Right Anti-Recoil

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