remapper_swap — Swap two controller mapping


bool remapper_swap(<IO_IDENTIFIER>, <IO_IDENTIFIER>);

Swap the mapping between two I/O Identifiers on the current mapping layout. Once the mapping is swapped, it remains active until the memory slot is unloaded or remapper_reset() is called.

The function remapper_swap() is indicated over remapper() when the remapping to be done are simple.


  • <IO_IDENTIFIER>, <IO_IDENTIFIER>: The I/O Identifiers which mapping should be swapped.

Return Value

Returns true if the swap succeed, or FALSE if the swap fails.

remapper_swap() will fail if there is an Input Translator with Controller Remapper already loaded by the user.


Example #1 remapper_swap() example

init {
    // Set lefty stick layout
    remapper_swap(STICK_1_X, STICK_2_X);
    remapper_swap(STICK_1_Y, STICK_2_Y);

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