Titan Two Keyboard and Mouse

With the Titan Two device and a keyboard/mouse directly connected (or connected with KMG Capture), the Titan Two can be used for aiming precision only found on PC. Input Translators define a group of settings to best convert the mouse movements to the game. Along with the Keyboard and Mouse Input Translator, you can also load a Gamepack or Script of your choice for the ultimate edge in competitive multiplayer matches.

For info on how to setup a keyboard/mouse, please refer to the Keyboard and Mouse setup guide or the KMG Capture setup guide.

NOTE: Using an Input Translator converts keyboard/mouse inputs to controller outputs. Only controller features will be usable in-game (ie, using a mouse will not produce a cursor in game like when using a mouse on a PC game).

Mouse DPI and Polling Rate

For the best results, it is recommended to use a mouse with a minimum of 3200 DPI and 500Hz polling rate. High-DPI mice provides more data points for the same traveled distance, which the Titan Two can take advantage to increase the aiming precision.

Gaming mice usually have software for configuration and/or buttons to increase the DPI, configure with the maximum DPI possible prior to use with the Titan Two.

Mouse Sensitivity Configuration

The sensitivity of aiming speed is result of three main factors:

  1. Game Aiming Turn Speed
    In general the Titan Two expects the aiming sensitivity of the game to be set at maximum. Refer to the Input Translator documentation page for detailed information on how configure the game.

  2. Mouse DPI
    Make sure to configure the Titan Two with the DPI of your mouse to obtain the same results as the developers of the Input Translator. This configuration is required only one time and is performed using Gtuner IV, in the Device Configuration panel.

  3. Input Translator Sensitivity
    With the above two properly configured, the Input Translator sensitivity is the only parameter that may require attention in order to adjust the overall aiming sensitivity to your preference.
    It has two options, click on the small triangle icon to select: Default or Alternate.
    This allows you to configure different sensitivity for normal view and aim.
    Commonly referenced as HIP and ADS sensitivity.

Some Of The Available Keyboard and Mouse Input Translators

Open the GTuner IV software : Online Resource to see all available Input Translators.

Apex Legends Input Translator Battlefield 1 Input Translator Battlefield 1943 Input Translator Battlefield 3 Input Translator Battlefield 4 Input Translator Battlefield V Input Translator Battlefield Bad Company Input Translator Battlefield Bad Company 2 Input Translator Battlefield Hardline Input Translator Bioshock Infinite Input Translator Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Input Translator Call of Duty Black Ops Input Translator Call of Duty Black Ops III Input Translator Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Input Translator Call of Duty Ghosts Input Translator Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Input Translator Call of Duty Modern Warfare Input Translator Call of Duty WWII Input Translator DayZ Input Translator Destiny Input Translator Destiny 2 Input Translator Far Cry 5 Input Translator Fortnite Battle Royale Input Translator H1Z1 Input Translator Halo 2 Classic Input Translator Halo 3 Input Translator Halo 5 Guardians Input Translator Overwatch Input Translator Paladins Input Translator Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Input Translator PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Input Translator Rainbow Six Siege Input Translator Splatoon 2 Input Translator Titanfall Input Translator Titanfall 2 Input Translator Warface Input Translator Warframe Input Translator

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