PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds PUBG Translator

Game Configuration

This Input Translator was optimized for the following game settings.

Setting Value
Controller Binding Preset TYPE B
Right Stick Dead Zone 10
Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier (%) 100
General Sensitivity 20
Vehicle Driver Sensitivity 20
AIM Acceleration Off
AIM Acceleration Rate 1
Over the Shoulder Aiming Sensitivity 20
1X Optic Sensitivity 20
2X Optic Sensitivity 20
3X Optic Sensitivity 20
4X Optic Sensitivity 20
6X Optic Sensitivity 20
8X Optic Sensitivity 20
15X Optic Sensitivity 20

Loading the Input Translator

To load a keyboard and mouse Input Translator into the Titan Two, simple drag-and-drop the Input Translator icon box from the Online Resources to any Memory Slot in the Gtuner's Device Memory Slots pane.

This process will load the Input Translator with its default layout and settings.

After the drag-and-drop process, the Memory Slot should show the Input Translator name.

Configuring the Input Translator

In order to configure a keyboard and mouse Input Translator it must be downloaded from the Online Resources to the computer. By clicking on the DOWNLOAD button, the Input Translator will be saved to Gtuner's working directory and automatically opened in the Input Translator Editor.

With the Input Translator Editor you can customize the keyboard mappings, mouse mappings and the parameters of mouse XY converter. Note that changing the parameters of the mouse XY converter can potentially break the 1:1 aiming translation. If needed, change ONLY the sensitivity parameter in order to adjust the aiming sensitivity to your preference.

During the configuration process, you can test the changes on-the-fly by clicking on the Test and Debug button located at toolbar.

After finishing the configurations, load the Input Translator to any Memory Slot in the Device Memory Slots pane.

Using the Input Translator

After load the keyboard and mouse Input Translator into the Titan Two, press the right button on the device until the display shows the same number of the Memory Slot the Input Translator was dropped.

Default Mappings

Input Output Action
Mouse Movement Look/Rotate
Mouse Left Button Shoot Weapon
Mouse Right Button Aim
Mouse Wheel Forward Primary Weapons
Mouse Wheel Backward Secondary Weapon/Melee
W Move Forward
A Strafe Left
S Move Back
D Strafe Right
C Crouch/Prone
Z Crouch/Prone
Spacebar Jump
Left Shift Sprint
Left Control Hold Breath
Q Lean Left
E Lean Right
V View Toggle
R Reload
B Fire-mode Toggle
G Primary Weapons
1 Primary Weapons
2 Secondary Weapon/Melee
3 Grenade/Throwable
F Open/Close/Get-in/Get-out/Pickup
Left Alt Free Look
Tab Inventory
I Inventory
M Map
Input Output
Escape CIRCLE, B
Return (Enter) CROSS, A
Up Arrow DPAD UP
Down Arrow DPAD DOWN
Left Arrow DPAD LEFT
Right Arrow DPAD RIGHT
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