PlayStation 3 Controllers

PlayStation 3 official and third-party controllers are supported by the Titan Two and can be used to play on all compatible gaming systems.

Controller Protocol

Relevant information about the PlayStation 3 controller protocol.

USB Polling Interval 10ms
Bluetooth Polling Interval 10ms
Device Authentication NO

Specific Features

Titan Two support for PlayStation 3 specific features.

Pressure-Sensitive Buttons YES
Player LEDs YES
Rumble (Vibration) YES
SixAxis Motion Sensors YES

Wired Connection (USB)


  1. Mini-USB cable.

Regular Usage

  1. Connect the Mini-USB cable to the Titan Two USB port labeled INPUT-A or INPUT-B;
  2. Connect the other end of the Mini-USB cable on the PlayStation 3 controller.

Wireless (Bluetooth)


  1. Bluetooth Module 1);
  2. Micro-SD Card 2);
  3. Mini-USB cable for the first-time configuration pairing.

First-time Configuration

  1. Install and configure the Bluetooth Module and the Micro-SD Card on the Titan Two.


  1. Connect the controller on the Titan Two as described in the Wired Connection (USB) section;
  2. Wait until the LED of the USB port turns green, the controller is now paired with the Titan Two;
  3. Unplug the Mini-USB cable.

Regular Usage

  1. Press the PS button on the controller to start wireless connection with the Titan Two.
1) , 2) The Bluetooth Module + Micro-SD Card Bundle is sold separately.
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