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All Window's and Mac computers are supported by the Titan Two. The Titan Two can connect to a computer via controller output, or via HID output.

Console Polling Rate

Default and maximum USB polling rate supported by the console.

USB Default 250Hz (4ms)
USB Maximum 1000Hz (1ms)

Controller Protocol

Relevant information about the Xbox 360 controller protocol.

USB Polling Interval 8ms
Device Authentication NO

Wired Connection


  1. Provided Micro-USB cable.
  2. (Optional) Xbox One Controller for authentication

First-time Configuration

  1. Configure the Output Protocol of the Titan Two to USB Xbox 360 (no controller needed for authentication, however the Input/Output Polling Rate's must be set to default) or USB Xbox One (requires an Xbox One controller for authentication).

Regular Usage

  1. (Optional) Connect any official Xbox One controller to INPUT-B on the Titan Two (for authentication);
  2. Connect the provided Micro-USB cable to the Titan Two USB port labeled OUTPUT;
  3. Connect the other end of the Micro-USB cable to any available USB port on the Xbox One.
Note: After the initial device enumeration and authentication, the official Xbox One controller can be removed from the Titan Two.
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