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Multi Interface HID

All Titan Two features such as crossover and scripting can also be used to play PC games on Steam, Windows, Mac, Linux and Emulators. The Multi Interface HID enables the Titan Two to output simultaneously as keyboard, mouse and joystick. The interfaces can be individually configured and programmed.

Polling Rate

USB Default 1000Hz (1ms)
USB Maximum 1000Hz (1ms)


Relevant information about the Multi Interface HID protocol.

USB Polling Interval (All Interfaces) 1ms


Multi Interface HID features.

Keyboard Pass Through YES
Mouse Pass Through YES
Gamepad to Keyboard and Mouse Conversion YES

Wired Connection


  1. Provided Micro-USB cable.

First-time Configuration

  1. Configure the Output Protocol of the Titan Two to USB Multi Interface HID.

Regular Usage

  1. Connect any compatible controller, keyboard and/or mouse to the Titan Two input ports;
  2. Connect the provided Micro-USB cable to the Titan Two USB port labeled OUTPUT;
  3. Connect the other end of the Micro-USB cable to any available USB port on the computer.
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