My mom don't let me play games at night what to do?

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My mom don't let me play games at night what to do?

Postby jessicajung » Thu Aug 17, 2017 4:20 am

so here is my story i am a science student and i have school so obviously i cannot play games during day at night when i want to play games she just scolds me every time and says that i am MAD i recently bought dark souls 3 ringed city and she just don't let me play at night she is cool with gaming and stuff "But not at night" she says "Night is for sleep or study" so any help would be really really appreciated ps my mom is a very nice person this is my only issue with her one last thing that i am writing this post at 3 in morning after my mom just turned off my xbox again
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Re: My mom don't let me play games at night what to do?

Postby antithesis » Thu Aug 17, 2017 5:10 am

Go to bed. Problem solved. You're welcome.

To extrapolate - I'm a father of four and I'm also a life-long gamer. I would eat, sleep and poop gaming if I could, but there are far more important things in life. Gaming is a very distant priority behind eating, sleeping, working, studying, family, friends, fitness...all of the stuff that'll make it easier for you to survive and be a successful, independent adult.

My kids are allowed a couple of hours of gaming time both days on the weekend. There is no gaming nor TV on school nights, with the exception of a documentary one evening per week. Granted, they're still young, but it's all about balance, prioritisation, self-motivation and getting into good habits. Entertainment is a reward for working hard, not a reward for sitting on your arse doing nothing.

Like all (good) parents, your mother's goal is simple - for her children to lead a better life than her own. To do that, education is her top priority behind the basic essentials of life. Like most of us, she probably has regrets about not fulfilling her own potential and she doesn't want the same for you.

School only lasts for a relatively short time and it defines who you are and what you do for the rest of your life. Get lazy & fall down a timesink like gaming until the wee hours of the morning and you can look forward to a lifetime of shit-kicking for people more educated or harder-working than you.

Stay focused & work hard to get good grades and the world is your oyster. You have your teens and early twenties to capitalise on an education - once you hit your late 20s, it's already too late! Once you hit your 30s, you're too old to start again. Once you hit your 40s, you have no little choice but to accept any work on offer, or to work for yourself. That is unless you have a good education and 20 years of experience in a related field.

Long story short - be thankful that you have a mother steering you onto the right path. Respect that she has YOUR best intentions in mind, so put down the controller, pick up a book, or go to bed. You'll thank her for it when you have to stand on your own two feet. Once you're earning your own pay cheque and covering your bills, you can do what you want with your new-found spare time.
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