Authentication issues on PS4 when using XBOX Elite Cont

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Authentication issues on PS4 when using XBOX Elite Cont

Postby rivox1 » Thu Nov 29, 2018 11:04 pm


I've seen this somewhat addressed on the Titan 2 forum, but not on Titan one.

The issue is simple to explain. When using Elite controller on PS4 it disconnects the controller every 10 minutes or so. Obviously never happens with PS4 controllers.

Any way to sop he issue from happening?
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Re: Authentication issues on PS4 when using XBOX Elite Cont

Postby J2Kbr » Sun Dec 02, 2018 9:16 am

For crossover play on PS4 (e.g. use XB1 controller on PS4) there are two options. One is the partial crossover support, which has a 7 to 10 minutes reconnection. The reconnection takes less than 1 second and, in most cases, can't be noticed. The PS4 partial crossover is disabled by default and it must enabled in the device settings.

The second option is use the MaxAim DI plugin, here you don't need to worry about reconnection, however this approach requires you to have a PC near to the PS4. The MaxAim DI captures the inputs from the Xbox One controller connected on PC, converts these inputs according to layout you made and, through the Titan One device, it sends your commands to console.

For example, the connections required to use on PS4:

(1) Titan One on PS4
(2) Titan One on PC (mini-USB cable)
(3) PS4 controller on Titan One
(4) Your preferable controller on PC

As your noticed, the Titan Two device does not have this limitation. It also supports controller's headsets and the PS4 controller speaker, please check this page for more details:
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