Final Fantasy XV Auto EXP+GIL

Please Read;_____________________________________________________________________ tldr; D pad left to start/stop script. Good luck!______________________________________________________________________________ This script will start summoning enemies using the whistle and then begin fighting automatically using normal attacks, special attacks, and even summons. It also using warp strike and may warp you onto a rock edge where no enemies can be spawned. At the time I made this script my lvls were Noctis 99, Gladiolus 43, Ignis 42, Promto 41. I maxed out Noct lvl to 99 and ascension using the Auto AP Train script all while still in chapter 4.___________________________________________________________________________ Lets Get Started; _____________________________________________________________________ (If you can beat a Red Giant using this then you can use this anywhere you can summon enemies and skip this whole tutorial just find a good location. Set a greatsword in the left slot. I like the using the area at the end of the long trail west of Taelpar Rest Area Outpost to grind Coeurl Whiskers, Gigantoad Steak, and slimy Oil to sell for Gil. I'm only on chapter 6 so you may find a better place to grind ). Hit the button D pad left to start the script. Hit it again to stop it._________________________________________________________________This uses gladiolus"s special attack impulse. I set a greatsword on the left slot. Do not use a armiger weapon. You'll end up died. Set the game difficulty to easy in the options (Press Start > Options > Difficultly > Easy). Now on the map look for the outpost "Coernix Station Alstor". Follow the road from there west till you see the small trail to the right. Follow that until you find the fenced in area. Set yourself inside the fenced in area facing against the west side fence. Start/Stop the script by hitting D pad left. You may need to baby sit just to see what happens before just leaving it. The Red Giants sometimes walk away out of the aggro zone. Thats ok. They will die slowly when sun comes up and the cycle continues. Sometimes you will end up in a part where no enemies will spawn. Locate yourself back to the west side fence. Save often and sell items gained once they fill to 99.______________________________________________________________This is my 1st script so its rough but it does work great. Good luck and enjoy!
Publish DateSun, 5 Feb 2017 - 21:35
Last UpdateSun, 5 Feb 2017 - 21:35



Release Notes: Warping Enabled
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// GPC Online Library
// Final Fantasy XV Auto EXP
int TimeX=6000; //30000 Milliseconds = 30 seconds
int TimeY=30000; //30000 Milliseconds = 30 seconds
int runLoop;
main {
    if (event_press(PS4_LEFT)) {
        if (runLoop == TRUE) {
            runLoop = FALSE;
        } else if (runLoop == FALSE) {
            runLoop = TRUE;
    if (runLoop == TRUE) {
combo AutoSummonAttack{
    //Start Whistle
    set_val(PS4_R2, 100); //Monster Wistle Call
    set_val(PS4_CROSS, 100); //Monster Whistle Call
    set_val(PS4_CIRCLE, 100); //Menu Cancel
    //Start attacking
    set_val(PS4_L1, 100); //Gladious Special
    set_val(PS4_RIGHT, 100); //Gladious Special
    set_val(PS4_RIGHT, 100); // Gladious Special
    set_val(PS4_L1, 100); //armiger
    set_val(PS4_R1, 100); //armiger
    set_val(PS4_R1, 100); //warp strike
    set_val(PS4_TRIANGLE, 100); //warp strike
    set_val(PS4_CIRCLE, 100); //warp strike
    set_val(PS4_CIRCLE, 100); //Attack
    set_val(PS4_RX, 100); // Look Right
combo AutoSquare{
    set_val(PS4_SQUARE, 100); //Dodge
    set_val(PS4_L2, 100); //Summon