v 1.34 - Jan 31, 2021
ConsoleTuner (J2Kbr)
Featuring: Advanced Anti Recoil with deadzone compensation (compatible with XIM/Apex) • Raw offset mouse Anti Recoil • Fully customizable Rapidfire • Burst Fire • Hair Trigger • Crouch Shot • Jump Shot • Strafe Shot • Auto ADS • Quick Scope • Auto Aim (Aim Abuse) • Turbo Melee • BHop Heal • Auto Throw Grenade • Auto Ping Enemy • Holster n' Sprint • Grapple n' Jump • Easy Sprint • Bunny Hop.

Update 1.30: Added: Improved CV assisted Anti-Recoil (Configurable Deadzone Size, GCV 1.20+).
Update 1.25: Added: Computer Vision assisted Anti-Recoil and Rapidfire (Requires GCV Script).
Update 1.20: Added: Pathfinder's Grapple and Jump.
Update 1.15: Added: Double tap hold for Fire Mode activation.
Update 1.10: Removed: Quick weapon Swap. Added: BHop Heal.

All MODs starts disabled by default and have to be individually enabled on the Interactive Configuration Interface, accordingly the player's preferences. Click on the DOC icon to open the detailed information about this Gamepack.
File List:
  • Apex Legends.gbc
  • Apex Legends.gcd
Gtuner IV
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