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Ver 1.08v by Baby Cham
See description inside of the script. Enjoy for now, I will be improving and updating the script as time goes. I will also give a more detailed description of what the script does.


Diablo III Multi Classes
Ver 1.07v by Baby Cham
Diablo III script for all classes, and for skills operating automatically with ON/OFF function. You can adjust the "wait" command in each combo for your preferred class skills, cool down process or play style. Double tapping SQUARE BUTTON will automatically activate ALL unlocked skills. Double tapping SQUARE BUTTON again to deactivate ALL skills. Auto fire on CROSS BUTTON if you just want to skip through conversations you will have throughout the game. This script also automatically lock on to the closest enemy for continuous strike. When that enemy is dead it will lock on to or target the next closest enemy. Script can be use on any console of choice. Enjoy!


Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Ver 1.03v by Baby Cham
Script consisting of Auto Aim with Led indicator, Rapid Fire with Led indicator, Auto Hold Breath, Auto Reload, Auto Sprint and Dodge with on/off toggle along with rumble notifier. :- To enable Auto Aim (Campaign mode ONLY), double click L2 and to disable double click L2 again. :- To enable Rapid Fire, double click R2 and to disable double click R2 again. :- Auto Hold Breath is always active whether your using a sniper rifle or not so need to worry about holding down L3. :- Full press of left analog stick triggers Auto Sprint. :- After firing your weapon and releasing R2, Auto Reload is activated. :- Press L3 to activate Dodge for left, right and backwards dash. There will be a vibration from Rumble B initially and after every 4 seconds notifying you that Dodge is activated. Press L3 again to deactivate Dodge.


Ver PS3.: 2.01v by Baby Cham
To celebrate the remastered version of THE LAST OF US, here is my script. Had it for some time but decided to publish. As you all can see the triggers and bumpers are remapped to MY liking as I prefer to use the triggers for aiming and shooting instead. Note: when R2 is pressed, it aims and shoot simultaneously, L2/aim button still function as normal. Double click the Square button to activate melee, double click again to deactivate. Sensitivity is reduce by 5% when either of the trigger buttons are pressed. Can be increased if desired. Press L3 to activate stealth walk to creep-up on unsuspecting enemies or to move silently. Can be adjusted to your liking, and again press L3 to deactivate stealth walk. Six Axis is used to automatically "look" when prompted within game. Move left stick in any direction for auto sprint when the game lets you (no more holding L1 to run). Rapid fire on R2, Square and Cross button. Tapping R1 would auto refill your health when health packs are selected.


Grand Theft Auto V
Ver 1.04 by Baby Cham
Grand Theft Auto V with rapid fire on PS3 R2. Tap select button to toggle rapid fire on/off. You also have the ability to increase or decrease the rate of fire using Dpad up to increase and Dpad down to decrease. Default rate of fire starts at 15 and the maximum is at 25. Enjoy!!


Gears Of War 3 With PS3 Controller
Ver v1.00 by Baby Cham
This script is for Online use with perfect active reload set to coincide with the online timing animation. Auto tag and rapid fire for hammerburst and pistols.