ATTENTION: inspiration to make this script came from a script authored by jewfire. Look up his script for 'the last of us' in the search bar on the top left & scroll down til you see it. If it wasn't for his killer PS4 script, featuring the work of baby cham & J2K, I wouldn't have been inspired to publish this one. I took some of the essential tweaks they did on TLOU & made them applicable to uncharted 4! AND I unmapped R3 cuz I spam it like a noob when shooting any gun & remapped it to the Tpad 'button'. Tpad swipe gestures are the same. The share button is now the new Tpad button. BUT if you don't spam R3 in error like me or you use the 'original' share button, delete line 1 :-) Now the essentials I 'carried' over to U4 are: 1) automatic marking (for those who use the marking booster) so that enemies will be marked for the whole team just by aiming in their direction. Holding L2 will spam L3 (button in MP to mark enemies) for you repeatedly. 2) Rapid fire on the trigger (R2) so that ANY semi automatic weapon is an automatic! The para .45 pistol is lethal AND accurate at long range with this! And it works fine with automatics too. Works great with the G26 dlc pistol :-) 3) Assigned 'rapid fire' button presses to X (jumping /platforming) so that one doesn't need to mash the buttons. And climbing /platforming is much easier just holding down a button anyway IMO. YAY :-) And as most of you may know, there's no need to assign such functionality to SQUARE & TRIANGLE because ND did it for you in the game. Just go to options, controls, & select 'HOLD' for square and triangle. Works great for escaping hunters choking you out & for fist fights. And I had to assign this function to X to make things in MP feel 'complete'. 4) I added simple instructions on how to select your preferred led colors for the light bar when in it's blinking state (rapid spotting combo). And during it's solid state (when not rapid spotting). *rapidspotting is auto-marking(with marking booster) And the values in RED at the bottom (combo block section) for RapidSpot, RapidFire, & RapidJump are absolutely safe to adjust yourself! Just the ones in parenthesis next to the word 'wait' written in blue. It affects the rates of 'rapid fire'. Simple as that, anyone can have at it safely. The values here are the ones I use & work great for me! AND I've reduced the deadzone in R2 /L2 a bit, so they react a little faster. I've tweaked the scripts of truly talented script authors & applied it to U4 as best I could. And updated it with my own additional codes with toggles so everyone can choose to enable /disable them at will. Updates described in 'version notes'. Have fun :-)
Publish DateMon, 23 May 2016 - 22:31
Last UpdateWed, 3 Aug 2016 - 17:16



Release Notes: Added toggles to enable /disable TILT2SWAP & GUNSLINGER individually. TILT2SWAP allows you (if enabled) to swap to secondary by tilting your dualshock 4 to the left AND swap back to primary by tilting to the right. The benefit here is that your thumbs NEVER have to leave the analog sticks while your running around! GUNSLINGER allows you to reload automatically when rolling. I added code for this combo because of the dlc booster 'gunslinger' which allows faster reloading when rolling, as well as faster swapping at all times. As you know, uncharted decides for you when you press circle whether you will roll or go for cover. So depending on your play style you may or may not auto-reload unintentionally. HENCE, why I added these as toggles. L2 & Dpad UP toggles TILT2SWAP. L2 & Dpad DOWN toggles gunslinger. Have fun =-)
Code: Select all
//            ***TO TOGGLE tilt2swap ON/OFF HOLD L2 & PRESS UP.
//            ***TO TOGGLE gunslinger ON/OFF HOLD L2 & PRESS DOWN.
unmap PS4_R3;remap PS4_TOUCH->PS4_R3;unmap PS4_SHARE;remap PS4_SHARE->PS4_TOUCH;
int tilt2swap_ONoff   = FALSE; // Change FALSE to TRUE if you want it on @start.
int gunslinger_ONoff  = FALSE; // Change FALSE to TRUE if you want it on @start.
//---MAIN BLOCK ROUTINES-------------------------------------------------------
main {
    sensitivity(PS4_R2, NOT_USE, 327); //Decreased R2 deadzone  \_ Triggers
    sensitivity(PS4_L2, NOT_USE, 327); //Decreased L2 deadzone  /  react faster
    if(get_val(PS4_L2)) {colorled(0,1,0,0);combo_run(RapidSpot);}         //Red
    else if  ((PS4_L2)) {colorled(1,0,0,0);}                             //Blue
    if(get_val(PS4_R2)) {combo_run(RapidFire);} 
    if(get_val(PS4_CROSS)) {combo_run(RapidJump);}
    if(get_val(PS4_L2) && event_press(PS4_UP)) tilt2swap_ONoff = !tilt2swap_ONoff;
    if(tilt2swap_ONoff && (get_val(PS4_ACCX)>+15)) set_val(PS4_LEFT,100);
    if(tilt2swap_ONoff && (get_val(PS4_ACCX)<-15)) set_val(PS4_RIGHT,100);
    if(get_val(PS4_L2) && event_press(PS4_DOWN)) gunslinger_ONoff = !gunslinger_ONoff;
    if(gunslinger_ONoff && (get_val(PS4_CIRCLE))) combo_run(gunslinger);}
//---COMBO BLOCKS--------------------------------------------------------------
combo RapidSpot {
    set_val(PS4_L3, 100);set_led(LED_1,0);set_led(LED_2,0);set_led(LED_3,0);set_led(LED_4,0);
    set_val(PS4_L3, 0);                     
    set_val(PS4_L3, 0);}
combo RapidFire {
    set_val(PS4_R2, 100);
    set_val(PS4_R2, 0);
    set_val(PS4_R2, 0);}
combo RapidJump {
    set_val(PS4_CROSS, 100);
    set_val(PS4_CROSS, 0);
    set_val(PS4_CROSS, 0);}
combo gunslinger {
//---COLOR LED INDICATION *NO NEED TO EDIT BELOW*------------------------------
function colorled(a,b,c,d) {set_led(LED_1,a);
// colorled(0,0,0,0); // Off / No LED light                 #1   To choose the
// colorled(1,0,0,0); // Dim Blue                                LED color you
// colorled(0,1,0,0); // Dim Red                                 want, pick the
// colorled(0,0,1,0); // Dim Lime/Green                          color code in
// colorled(0,0,0,1); // Dim Fuchsia/Pink                        parenthesis.
// colorled(1,0,1,0); // Dim Cyan
// colorled(0,1,1,0); // Dim Yellow                         #2 Adjust the color
// colorled(1,1,1,1); // Dim White                              code(s) to line
// colorled(2,0,0,0); // Blue                                   6 and /or 7. By 
// colorled(0,2,0,0); // Red                                    default they're     
// colorled(0,0,2,0); // Lime/Green                             red(marking) &
// colorled(0,0,0,2); // Fuchsia/Pink                           solid blue.
// colorled(2,0,2,0); // Cyan
// colorled(0,2,2,0); // Yellow                             #3 ONLY change the   
// colorled(2,2,2,2); // White                                 RED values. Hit
// colorled(3,0,0,0); // Bright Blue                           build and run &
// colorled(0,3,0,0); // Bright Red                            test it. If all
// colorled(0,0,3,0); // Bright Lime/Green                     went well, enjoy
// colorled(0,0,0,3); // Bright Fuchsia/Pink                   your new colors.
// colorled(3,0,3,0); // Bright Cyan                           Don't forget to
// colorled(0,3,3,0); // Bright Yellow                         save :-)
// colorled(3,3,3,3); // Bright white
// ColorLed (1) Dim light        \         Personally I don't see a difference
// ColorLed (2) Normal/Medium      --->    between dim, normal, & light. But I
// ColorLed (3) Bright light     /         included the values anyway for you.
// ***As you know, I removed 'RapidCover' button presses to CIRCLE due to it
// disallowing you to swim under water in maps with rivers. But in case anyone
// wanted it back.... copy this to command WITHOUT the quotations
// "if(get_val(PS4_CIRCLE)) {combo_run(RapidCover);}"   and place the cursor at
// the END of line 8 (rapidfire command), press enter to make a new line 9, and
// paste.
// Then copy the combo block for RapidFire and make a copy right underneath it.
// BUT.... change the name of the copy to RapidCover and change the values of
// PS4_R2 to PS4_CIRCLE. Hit build and run, if all went well you have restored
// RapidCover :-)