Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch (2017) is supported by the Titan Two device. The Titan Two connects to the Nintendo Switch emulating an original Nintendo Switch Pro controller.

Console Polling Rate

Default and maximum USB polling rate supported by the console.

USB Default 125Hz (8ms)
USB Maximum 125Hz (8ms)

Controller Protocol

Relevant information about the Nintendo Switch controller protocol.

USB Polling Interval 8ms
Bluetooth Polling Interval 8ms
Device Authentication NO

Specific Features

Titan Two support for Nintendo Switch specific features.

Player LEDs YES
Motion Sensors YES
HD Rumble (Vibration) YES

Wired Connection


  1. Provided Micro-USB cable.

First-time Configuration

  1. On Nintendo Switch, enable wired communication:
    System Settings → Controllers and Sensors → Check the Option: Pro Controller Wired Communication.
  2. Configure the Output Protocol of the Titan Two to USB Automatic or USB Nintendo Switch.

Regular Usage

  1. Connect the provided Micro-USB cable to the Titan Two USB port labeled OUTPUT;
  2. Connect the other end of the Micro-USB cable to any available USB port on the Nintendo Switch Dock Station.
Note: The Titan Two can also be connected to Nintendo Switch, without the Dock Station, with an USB Type-C OTG Adapter.

Wireless Connection


  1. Bluetooth Module 1);
  2. Micro-SD Card 2);
  3. Provided Micro-USB cable or External Power Supply 3).

First-time Configuration

  1. Install and configure the Bluetooth Module and the Micro-SD Card on the Titan Two;
  2. Configure the Output Protocol of the Titan Two to Bluetooth Nintendo Switch;
  3. To perform the wireless pairing, use the provided Micro-USB cable to connect the Titan Two USB port labeled OUTPUT to any USB port available on the Nintendo Switch;
  4. The OUTPUT LED will flash red, green and turn-off, meaning the Titan Two is now paired with Nintendo Switch and the Micro-USB cable can now be unplugged.

Regular Usage

  1. Power the Titan Two utilizing the provided Micro-USB cable or the External Power Supply;
  2. Connect any compatible controller to the Titan Two;
  3. Press the PS/Xbox/Guide/Home button on the controller to initiate the wireless connection between the Titan Two and Nintendo Switch.
Troubleshooting: If the Bluetooth connection with Nintendo Switch does not work, try disconnect all controllers from the Nintendo Switch:
System Settings → Controllers and Sensors → Disconnect Controllers.
1) , 2) The Bluetooth Module + Micro-SD Card Bundle is sold separately.
3) The External Power Supply is sold separately.
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